The House of William and Merry

If you’re looking to expand your pallet a bit The House of William and Merry is the place to do it.  Last week I stopped in there and had three items that I had never had before.  They were all knock out good.  What were they you say, well how about Marlin, Octopus, and Foie gras or duck liver.  Yeah, when you were like, “MMM whats that a pick of” that was the duck liver featured above.  All three dishes were amazing.  The portions were smaller but the flavor was huge.  William and Merry are a husband and wife duo that is making amazing food in Delaware.   I don’t know how I have never been there before, but I will definitely be making a trip back in the near future.  They racking in awards, and I am sure their Zagat rating will only continue to climb.  Thanks for sharing your amazing food with the world.  I could go on and on about the experience that night but in reality, you just need to get up there and try it for your self.

DOW (Drinks of the Week) Lawson’s Finest Liquids “Super Session 8”

It’s been a couple weeks and now I am trying to play catchup on these brews.  I would apologize but that isn’t in me.  I have been having damn good times.  Lawson’s Finest Liquids of Vermont is last weeks, or two weeks ago featured brew.  I have been stuck in a time rift so I can’t remember all the finer details of this drinking event but I damn well know I had this one.  I shut up now and present some facts.Continue Reading

DOW (Drinks of the Week) Rusty Rail “Blue Collar Blonde”

I am currently drinking a tall glass of chocolate milk while I write this post.  No seriously it is good as shit.  Yeah some days I am a child, well most days.  Whatever.  Enough of the chocolate milk talk and onto our second installment from the Rusty Rail Brewing Company.  We in enjoyed the Blue Collar Blonde Ale which was much better than the Peanut Butter Hefe we had two weeks ago (Fools Gold).  If your ever in Mifflinburg, PA stop in and check these guys out.Continue Reading

Anthony Bourdain

The culinary world lost a great story-teller recently when Anthony Bourdain took his own life.  I will start by saying I do not support suicide, I do not condone it, and really can’t stand that people end their lives this way.  With all that being said

I also understand that people fight demons we can’t see and battle wounds we can’t heal.

Looking from the outside in it is easy to be judgmental, I mean hell what could have been his issue the man traveled the world drinking and eating his way through some of the greatest places this planet has to offer.   Many of us out there dream of that kind of life.  I also understand that from the exterior some look like they are living life to its fullest, yet on the inside they are always alone.  I would love to keep going on and on but that’s not my place, I only hope that the culinary and travel world can find another orator to tell its story.

Here’s to you Bourdain. Cheers!!! PROST!!!! Skal!!! Salute!!! Brosd!! Santi!!