First Look at the New Birds

The Eagles began their new Journey under Coach Doug Pederson Yesterday. Watching this game I can tell you that there was almost nothing to take away from it. Pre-season football is terrible. I now can say that the players don’t much care either. This was evident in the Panthers Ravens game when the teams stopped to watch Michael Phelps win another gold. What I did watch and somewhat enjoyed was just watching the mechanics of the QB Carson Wentz. He looks the part and sounds the part. Post-game interviews showed that he isn’t’ ready to throw his line under the bus yet, let’s see what happens when the sack totals and pick totals start to rise do to in effective play from the line. Gardner looked like he was trying to catch butterflies rather than catch blocks on the o-line last night.

The defense on the other hand seemed to be what people were expecting, again it’s just pre-season and it’s the first game. They were able to fly around and get after the ball a bit, but I don’t believe that the Bucs were really giving there all either. This first game is used to get some of the rust off. Game three should be telling on what the Eagles will kind of  look like. I truly believe that the team you see in pre-season week four and in the regular season week 8 will be very different.