Here for the Glory

by TheeTimeTRVLR

Who I am and why I’m here?  The question seems easy enough, yet I am still trying to figure it out.  The reason behind starting a blog, and hopefully one day a fully functioning site that interests people, was a simple decision to make.  I like so many different things, and talking to so many different people that I thought that maybe sharing it with people would be great.  I can’t tell you if any of what I write will ever have an impact, or not.  I paid for the domain for one year so I am going to post for one year come hell or high water.

My personal story is pretty simple, and I don’t want to waste a lot of time talking about myself so I will try to some up who I am in just a few easy sentences.  I am some one who grew being raised by a single father without a lot of money, had a good child hood, decent years in my teens, then joined the Army.  Have served many times, and loved every second of it.  Coming into the twilight of my career I look to now do the things I love, and have some fun.  Married with two amazing daughters, cat and a dog.

13330979_10207904970554593_6683099869791479374_nNow for the things that will be posted to this blog, will simply be things that I truly love and enjoy.  I love bourbon, beer, mainly craft, sports, to a unhealthy level, food, and a number of other things.  I hope to entertain, but mainly meet a lot of new individuals and fellow bloggers.  I do not have any visions of grandeur, just looking to have some fun with my spare time rather then playing games on my phone.   If by some chance this turns out to be good, then awesome I will run with it, if not it really hasn’t cost anything other then time, which I was already wasting.  I hope everyone enjoys.