Relax It’s Sunday

Reflecting on yet another great week is always fun to do.  Looking back at this week I enjoyed some good beers, great friends, and learned some new things about myself.  Sitting back this morning and enjoying my cup of coffee I can only think that this week will be even better.  So here is a recap of some of this weeks stuff.

This past Monday I was informed that the youth football team that I help coach may be disbanded due to low enrolments dropping us from 5 teams to 4, and because we are the new guys are team would fold.  Not cool, not cool at all.  Anyone that has ever tried to coach children understands the difficulty and that each step forward is a major impact, and asking the parents and kids to start over with a new coach and players is ridiculous.  In the end it worked out and the league came to its senses and we got to keep the team,  hell yeah GO BUCS!

Had two great beers this week.  The first was Blue Point Summer Ale, (I,ll put a link totheir site down below), which was delicious.  I had finished cutting the grass in what felt like  a Kuwait style heat wave and was dying for something cold and amazing.  This majestic Summer Ale did not disappoint.  After I finished my fourth one sitting in my garage and taking in the rest of the day, I knew that this beer was on my hit list.  I can’t wait to try some of their other beers.  IMG_4803

The Second beer that I had was from a local brew company called Blue Earl Brewing, Link below.  I got a sixer of there Honey Suckle Rose which is a great beer to enjoy with friends on a summer night, and that’s just what I did.  The Honeysuckle is a Belgian Blonde, which by the way is my favorite style of beers.  I ran through a six pack fairly quickly, I do not regret my decision.  BLue Earl

The biggest thing for me this week was taking a chance and starting this blog / website /  whatever this is.  I truly believe that change can only come when you want it, problem is that I was always scared of certain changes.  I think that I am changing my focus and starting do take changes on the things that make me happy and not the things I  am expected to do. So here I am with a site I paid for the site for one year so I guess I better use it.  I am currently about 4 days into it, and having some fun thus far.  I almost fell over when I received my one and only comment.  I appreciate any one that takes the time to look at anything that I have on here.


Good Times Good Friends,  Relax it’s Sunday.