DOW’s (Drinks of the Week)

Hopefully each week I’ll be able to present some of my favorite drinks.  I spoke of two already this week that I fully enjoyed.  The first one I’ll talk about is from Blue Earl Brewing Company.  These guys make a lot of different beers and all have great flavors.  They have IPA’s, Stouts, Ales, Lagers, you name it they are trying to make it.  The show the imagination that thrives in the craft beer community.  The beer I enjoyed this past week was the HoneySuckle Rose.  It was a Belgian Blonde that did not disappoint.  The six pack provided just enough punch to get my talking way more then I needed to.  The smooth flavor caused me to turn into a part time philosopher.  This beer was great to enjoy on a hot summer night with friends, music, and good times.  If you ever get to visit Blue Earl you will quickly see that friends, music, and good times is exactly what they are good at.  Great Place Great Beer.BLue Earl

The Second Beer that I took part in was an awesome Summer Ale from Blue Point.  These guys just keep making great beers.  I picked up a six pack of their finest went home and cut the grass.  I quickly realized that cutting the grass in 1000 degree temperatures is stupid, I retreated to my garage kicked my feet up and began throwing down the cold Summer Ale.  This beer is perfect for the summer, and just what I needed.  This was a great choice on my part, and hope to try some of their fall beers that will be coming out soon. IMG_4803

I would like to offer if anyone out there has any great tasting beers that they would like to share, by all means shoot us a message.  I’ll try almost anything, and remember if I don’t like it that doesn’t mean it sucks, I just have a particular pallet.  I have a few buddies that love a wide variety of craft beers and many of their suggestions have panned out.  Hope you guys get out there this week and have a few cold ones.