Breakfast Egg Roll

This is one that I tried recently and loved it.  Super easy, super delicious.  If one of your buddies isn’t to hung over from the night before tell his ass to get in the kitchen and whip these up.


1 lb.  Bob Evans Breakfast Sausage (Regular or Sage or whatever you like)

1 cup. Flour. (Approx see directions below).

Milk – Approx. 2 cups

Oil – Canola, or whatever you like.  Canola  seems to work great though.

Scrambled Eggs

Cheese, Preferably Cheddar. You can also spice it up a bit.

Additional – Scrapple (If you’re not from Delaware, this is basically a meat brick of awesomeness)

Egg Roll Wrap


First thing first, make yourself a Mimosa, or vodka and OJ, or a bloody Mary to knock the cob webs off and get rid of the hair of the dog.  Now get your ass in the kitchen.

1.Throw that log of breakfast sausage into a frying pan until all the pink is gone.  Use a pan that is deep.

2.  Don’t drain the meat, take that cup of flour and begin spreading it all over the sausage in the pan.  Keep stirring the meat until it takes on a dry look and all the grease is gone.  It may not take a full cup of flour to get to that point.  You shouldn’t really see any extreme white from the flour.

3.  Once you have done the flour magic trick, start pouring your milk (whole works best) into the meat mixture,  the combination of the flour heat and milk will give you a nice thick gravy.  The longer it sits the thicker it gets.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.  sorry my immature side kicked in.

4.  Once you have it to the texture you like set it aside.  Take a drink from you favorite adult beverage, you are probably working up a thirst doing all this work while everyone else is lying around or still sleeping,  I mean it is noon for christ sake.

5.  Scramble up some eggs.  If I need to explain to you how to do this your f’ed go to a restaurant.

6. Break out the ole frying pan throw in some canola oil, or if you prefer a different type use it.  I like to use a cast iron pan, but a normal pan will work also.

7.  While your pan is getting nice a hot, grab those egg roll wraps and begin filling them with some sausage gravy a little scrambled egg and some cheese.  If you have scrapple or bacon put that in there also.  I mean christ your hungover and getting drunk again by this point, so f$%# that diet.

8.  Fold the ends in first on your egg roll, then take the corner closest to you and fold it over top to start the roll.  Take the end facing away from you and wet it with a little water, this will help it stick together.

9.  After you roll a couple your oil should be nice and hot.  Not so much that it looks like it could turn you into two face though.  If it is popping and snapping all over the counter tops, turn it down crazy.

10.  Now plop those egg rolls in until they turn golden brown, flip em and get the other side looking better than college coed in a tanning booth.

11.  Take them out put them on a paper towel with a plate underneath, let them cool a bit.

12.  Eat the shit out these.  Your Welcome.

Remeber cooking is awesome and fun, and gets everyone together.  Share reciepes if you want.  SEE YOU IN THE FUTURE – Thee Time Traveler.