DOW (Drinks of the Week)

So this week I took on a couple of beers that I had never had before.  I also got a lot of suggestions from my bro Sean and Jersey Joe.  These guys love beer, and can pick some wild flavors.  I am not to sure how I feel about drinking a chocolate peanut butter stout, but at some point I will do it.  I do need someone who can help me pair my beers.  So enough about that the two beers that I had this time were the Fordham Wisteria Wheat, and Flying Dog Numero Uno Agave Cerveza.  You probably got that from the cover photo though.

Flying Dog has a way of catching your eye with their art work.  Numero Uno Agave CervezaThese guys understand that creating a good cover for your beer is like choosing a cover for a book, it’s the hook, and these dudes are great at it.  Like a good book thought the cover has to be good and the inside has to be better.   I personally feel like they also hit it on the head.  The Numero Uno was perfect in the sun and went down well in my pint glass.  Nothing was over bearing, and it had the right combination of flavors.   I really think I can only drink this one when it is hot out, or when I am eating crabs.  I enjoyed it with my crabs.  Another great pick I think, I will be adding this to my summer favorites.

The second beer that I got was Fordham’s Wisteria Wheat.  I like my beer with a little bit of a fruity taste especially in the summer.  I enjoy Shock Top, and Blue Moon, and I think this was right on target.  I could taste the fruity-ness in it.  The bottle said subtle but it hit me good, and I liked it.  everybodies pallett is differnt and thats how mine works.  I thought it was delicious and went down smooth.  Don’t know what to pair it with but I did enjoy sitting and having this one while a read a book.Wisteria, Fordham  I will be looking for this one again and really enjoy the Dominion line they also make.  The pin-up bottles are great.  I am not sure if it is the fact I pick great beers or that I don’t know if there is a beer I dislike.  I’ll keep trying though.  Great beers, good times, good friends.

Also if you are in Delaware or passing through check out for good reviews on local craft beers.