Relax It’s Sunday

Another week down and I am still walking upright.  Things are looking good.  I enjoyed posting a few more blogs on here, tried two new beers, and had a great time with family and friends.  I was fortunate enough to see some old friends, and make some new friends. Easy enough week I guess, full work schedule, coach youth football, walk in a parade, have dinner with amazing people, enjoy a crab feast, and drink about 15 beers and time travel a little.

This week #2 came back to town to prepare for a girls bachelorette party.  #2 signifies a friend of mine that I always said that if my wife wasn’t around she would be my #2.  The wife and I our soul mates by the way.  Either way she met and amazing guy and now lives in San Antonio, but came back to have the bachelorette party.  NO BOYS ALLOWED.  In all it was great to see her again and her future husband.  Great people, the party also lead to a photo of another friend that we haven’t seen in a long time, which was also pretty cool.

Work was work like most weeks, yet I found that letting others fail on purpose is a way to help identify some of their weaknesses.  It can be tough to allow that to happen, I mean who wants to sit back while others are struggling, knowing that you  can fix the issue.  This was tough but exposed problems a their level and mine.  I can now work on addressing an issue with a clearer strategy then before.

Youth football is more of a social experiment than anything else.  The varying personalities that exist in one area is almost over whelming.  I don’t have a son, so I don’t have any stake in the coaching other than I enjoy teaching kids how to play football, while squeezing in some life lessons as well.  Parents by the way are insane, not all just a couple.  The problem, like most situations  is that the voice of the minority out weights the voice of the majority.  The good parents sit back and allow the coaches to do their job which is mainly yell at their kids for them for about an hour and then the parents get to play hero by telling them the did great.  I’m totally cool with that part.  Other parents just don’t know how to let their kids be 7 year olds.  Yes that’s right seven people, not 22 and playing in the NFL.  Give up your dream, and let them live theirs.

Beers, I had some good beers this week.  I’ll write more about those in my DOW post later today.  I FORDHAM ANS FLYING DOGalso got two buddies that love craft beer to send me a list of their personal favorites.  Can’t wait to try some of them out.  Even better #2 introduced me to a local web page where they review local craft beers.  These guys know what thy are talking about.  I was hoping to get into a bottle of rum this week but maybe next week.  I bought a bottle for a friends 40th Birthday, I hope he enojoyed it.

Living in a small town is pretty neat most times.  Growing up I didn’t think I would ever get to enjoy the camaraderie that seemingly only existed on television shows, that small towns present. Fast forward to today and it’s pretty cool.  My oldest had the great fortune of dancing in the annual Peach Festival Parade in our town.  She worked very hard for weeks, and had a great time.  We got there early and left right before the heat got to be to unbearable, and older people began passing out.  News flash, it’s called water, and shade, and not being a hundred standing on asphalt in the sun.  All in all the girls were great, and local politicians got to shake hands and hand out fake smiles.

I rounded out the week with an awesome crab feast hosted by DP Killa.  More on him in the “Miami Heat” blog I wrote earlier in the week.  It was an awesome way to end the week, crabs, (from the Crab Shack in Maryland), beers, friends, and a lot of story telling.  Many of the stories took us back in time anywhere from ten years ago to thirty years ago, it was a fun trip.  The night flew by and in the end the last two standing were DP Killa and myself.  Talking youth football and taking in the realization that neither of us thought we would be living the lives we do.  It has been a long road but it has been a fun ride.

Take it easy and I’ll See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler.