DOW (Drinks of the Week)

This week was fun because I got to try so many different flavors.  I picked up two variety packs, one from Narragansett our of Rhode Island, and the other was Devils Backbone from Virginia.  Both drew my attention for the packaging and that fact that I had never had them.  These packs surprised me with the flavors they contained.  If I put the two packs head to head the Narragansett pack would win, ask me again in November and the Devils Backbone would win.  I am going list them in the order of enjoyment by the case not against each other.  Again my pallet is differnt then others so take it for what it’s worth.  I tried the beers under differnt circumstances and tried to think of times that I would really enjoy them.

Narragansett Beer –

Packaging of this beer was cool, the box was playful and I am pretty sure it has a drunk Mr. Crabs on the front of it.  The back of the box provides you with food recipes to go with the beers.  These dudes know what they are doing.  Next time I pick up a case I am going to try out the recipes.  The box had three beers in it, a Lager, Citra and a Shandy.  Listed is the order in which I enjoyed them. Mr Crabs

Classic Lager

  1.  I am placing the Lager number out of this pack.  This was a classic lager with classic flavor, and the a classic can.  The only thing missing was an old school pull tab.  Talking to the brewers through Twitter I found that they have been using the same recipe since the 50’s.  I picked it number one out of the box because a classic lager is an everyday everywhere kinda beer.  You can’t go wrong when it tastes so good.
  2. The number two beer shocked me a bit, but their Shandy was awesome.  I was taken aback on this one.  I don’t generally like Shandy’s, but rather deal with them in the Summer.  Narragansett makes a Shandy that is Awesome.  This thing was like drinking a Sprite, or 7UP.  It went down so easy and was so good that I believe mine only lasted about ten seconds.  Great job, Great Summer Beer.  Take this one to the Beach.
  3. Lastly out of this pack was the Citra.  It didn’t knock my socks of but had good flavor.  I think I was expecting a Shock Top, or Blue Moon, and caused me to be a bit indifferent.  I enjoyed it but don’t think I would go out of my way for this one.  Still good flavor though.

Devils BackBone Brewing –


This was packaged with an outdoor adventure feel to it.  I should have picked this case up in November because it has a lot of fall flavors.  This pack offered a larger variety in it and had alot of different flavors from  apple to jalapeno. I was confused and delighted all together.

Vienna Lager

  1.  There Vienna Lager is great, and a lot like Narragansett’s it has a classic taste.  This beer has a great flavor, color, and feel.  I could have easily drank six or seven of these.
  2. The Ale of Two Cities, this was delicious and after a long day on the football field this went down great.  Smooth flavor and taste I could truly make this a consistent garage fridge beer alongside the Vienna Lager.
  3. The Hot shot, wow was this different yet awesome.  The timing couldn’t have been better either since I made spicy wings on the grill.  This was an Indian Pale Ale, which I don’t normally drink, infused with jalapeno.  Once you pop the top you can smell the peppers immediately.  Pairing this with the wings and steak I made was an awesome combo.  This beer is a rare occasion beer, or a pairing type of beer.Apple Pie Stout
  4. Apple-Achian Pie Stout:  This is a beer that needs to be reserved and revisited in November when it’s cold in the Northeast and you’re at a football game.  It was to early for this beer for me.  With that being said, it was really good and I don’t much care for stouts.  Yet again this is another beer that you need to pair with either the season, or Thanksgiving and meals of the such.
  5. Space Fruit Ale:  This was ok, I didn’t go crazy for it, and have yet to drink the second one that was provided.  I think I just missed the boat on this one, or had to many prior to drinking it.  Sorry I can’t provide more insight.
  6. Tropical Thunder, a pineapple favored beer.  Well the pineapple hits you on the back-end, which I don’t like pineapple, you get some hoppiness up front.  This combination for my mouth doesn’t work.  I hope it works for others.

I hope that everyone gets out and tries these two beer companies.  They provide awesome variety and flavors, and challenge your taste buds.  Narragansett is classic beer flavoring company, and Devils Backbone will stretch the limits of innovation in the craft beer world.  I give DB a lot of credit for going out on the limb with their beers, that is tough to do and these guys getting after it.

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If anyone has suggestions send them my way

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