Relax It’s Sunday

The summer is slowly coming to an end, and I am ready for it.  Football season is fast approaching, as is another school year.  This past week we took off from work to one, celebrate our anniversary, and to relax from work a bit.  I tried a couple new beers, helped coach our first youth football game of the year, wrote an awesome blog about the wife, finished two books, and got my oldest ready for the new school year beginning next week.  We also sat and enjoyed the company of great friends once again.  The summer gods provided us with great temperatures leading up to the weekend when it got extremely hot again.  Good thing I had some beers.

I believe that taking a week off from work and relaxing as much as possible is perfect, and well needed.  I got to spend some time this week thinking about the future and what I want to do.  I get to retire in about 9 years, and although that seems like a long way off the first 15 years of my career  went in the blink of an eye.  I know that I want to have as much fun in my second life and not be as restricted to a desk as I am now.  So I continue to work on this blog, and continue to read and read and read.  In October I will pick back up on my education with starting college classes again.  Five more classes and in will finally have my BA in Criminal Justice.  I don’t plan on using it, for it’s just a back up plan if becoming an internet mogul doesn’t work out.  Always have a plan B.

If you get a chance I encourage you to read the blog from early this week, Our Story-10 Years of Fun.  It’s pretty good, or at least it made the wife cry, and making her happy is what it’s all about.  We both took the week off and just enjoyed being with the girls, and each other.  We had some friends over the one night and enjoyed a cool night on the deck talking about future plans, and life in general.  It was fun and the perfect weather made it exceptionally nice.

My oldest daughter spent some time preparing for second grade this week by reading and completing summer homework assignments.  I hate that she has to grow up, but there are times that I get really happy about the progress she is making.  She really is an awesome kid.  We did the whole meet the teacher night, and I continue to believe that teachers are getting younger everyday.  I know that her next educator is more than 20 but she looked like she was twelve.  Good luck kiddo, I think they were the same height also.

Jump on over to the Vices page later today and see my thoughts on two variety packs that I picked up for this week.  They were well needed after the football game we had on Saturday.  Coaching youth football is extremely rewarding, and frustrating at the same time.  You quickly forget that these kids are seven and that their ability to retain certain information is difficult.  Also they get nervous easily.  When the other team lined up against us this week our kids realized immediately that they were bigger, and better.  We coaches knew this going in, and thought we would lose the game, but take away a great learning experience from it.  Telling this tiny men that if we keep pushing, and keep playing that with each small failure we will learn more and more, and then after some time we will begin to succeed.  The first drive we couldn’t get past first down, but with each drive we achieved one more down, or ten more yards, eventually moving the ball down field and nearly scoring.  Next week, we will take those lessons and build on them, we now have a foundation, it’s time to build the house.

thinking of foundations, I took this week to finish one book and read another.  The first was the “4 Hour Work Week,” by author Tim Ferris.  This book was excellent and was the main reason I started the blog.  I had been planning on starting one some time ago, but his book gives you plenty of references, and tools to get started.  It also get you just motivated enough to say F&%$ it lets give it a try.  Some of the things in there were a bit over the top, yet he is just giving you examples of the things he loves to do.  All in all the book gives you plenty of tools to add to your tool box.

The second book  I read this week was “The 10% Entrepreneur,” by Patrick McGinnis.  Great read, and an easy read.  There are only a couple hundred pages and in just a night or two, with a little music and a cocktail, you could blow right through this one.  If you a looking to begin investing into a business, or get started in becoming an entrepreneur, this is a good read.  Like the previous book it gives you plenty of tools for your tool box.  If you have an idea, and want to refine your approach on who to work with, or how to go about finding others to work with read this book.  I recommend both.

So Monday, blah, is fast approaching and back to work I go.  I feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle up coming tasks, or things that I need to catch up on.  I look forward to my daughters first week of school and how awesome it will be, and how the kids in her class are.  My youngest is going to be 2 soon so we have to start thinking about that.  Later today I will attend a retirement party for a good friend of mine.  Each time a friend retires I now that I am getting closer myself and it is exciting.  I hope everyone takes time to reflect on their week and looks forward to what the future brings.


Take it Easy and I’ll See You in the Future – Thee Time Traveler