The Eagles took the field in their third pre-season game on Saturday, and for the most part looked how many thought they would look.  Sure the team put up a few points on a depleted Colts defense but they never truly looked spectacular or surprising.  Preseason is a difficult phase in which the teams give you nearly nothing in return you give full support.

  1. Quarterbacks:  Sam Bradford looked like Sam Bradford.  When healthy he has a moderately decent arm with no t a lot of down the filed striking ability.  Accurate and safe. If he stays healthy he should have a pretty good season, but the offense is going to struggle to put up a lot points, unless Dorial Green-Beckham and Bradford can become a dynamic duo
  2. Running backs:  All appearances is that there is going to be a committee of runners for this team this year.  No one back stands out as an every down back, which on one hand helps because fresh legs are always in there, and on the other hand rotating three and four backs doesn’t allow for any real rhythm to build don the offense.  Especially since each back has a different running style.
  3. Wide receivers:  What a mess.  Hopefully DGB can become a solid two, or a decent one sooner rather than later.  His height gives him corner end zone threat ability yet he is only in his second season and on his second team.  Outside of him what you have is a bunch of slot receivers and situational recievers, and please for the love of God get rid of Nelson Agholor
  4. The O-Line:  It is a shame what has happened here.  The aging Peters, the suspended Johnson, and the young men that now have to fill roles of veteran players.  Unless they can come together quickly the offense is going to struggle staying on the field.  With defensive tackles and ends able to push their way straight through Bradford is going to have to check down to backs and tight ends this year.
  5. Tight Ends:  They should have a big year.  Sam Bradford is going to have to check down a lot because of defense pressure and not a lot of trust in the receiving core.  If Ertz can hold on to the ball he should have a pro-bowl level season.  The team’s record won’t reflect this but he should have a good year.

DEFENSE:  I don’t have to say anything here, they are the strength of the team and why we should win at least 7 games this year because they will help get us good field position.