Hanging In Philly

A couple of days ago I went with a group of friends and co-workers to Philadelphia.  I love this city and the history of it.  More than anything I love the food the city presents.  The trip started off with a visit to the Constitution Center, a meal and cold one at the Independence Beer Garden, and then I escaped to the Redding Terminal Mall.  We started our day off around 7am loading up I a van to hit the road and ensure we were in Philly at a decent time.  Once we overcame of few wrong turns, one that landed us in N.J, we made it to our destination.  I would also like to add that whoever developed the road exit plan for the city should never work again.  Unless you are lucky, you will at some point have to make a split second decision to cut across multiple lanes of traffic in order not to miss your exit.  I would suggest practicing your city driving by yelling loudly while you drive bumper cars in a confined space.  Other than that pray to whatever higher power you believe in, or lower power, and just go with it. 

The Constitution Center is a lovely building, the provides a wonderful presentation on the work the founding fathers did to present the Nation with the Declaration of Independence.  Within the facility you can see several attractions, and get a sense of the history that we have gone through as such a young Nation.  You can quickly review the hard times and good times that this great Nation has gone through in order to get where it is today.  You also leave with an understanding that in the grand scheme of things we are still so young as a Country and to become the world leader that we are is pretty amazing.  I mean there are buildings in Italy that were destroyed by an earthquake this past week that were older than America.  Take a day go and get your history on.

After finishing up around 1130 at Independence Mall we shot over to the Independence Beer Garden.  I have had this place on my mind for sometime and was excited to finally get there.  This is located outside this place offers great views, good beer, and good food.  With optional covered seating, or seats out in the sun, this place offers you the chance to sit and enjoy a long afternoon eating and relaxing.  I ordered the pork tacos and wings for my nom nom nom, and a Nodding Head Monkey Knife Fight beer.  These were good all the way around.  I thought the Pork Tacos had a little to much of a BBQ flavor, and not enough of the Salsa Flavor.  The wings I got were deep-fried, large, and had a lot of flavor.  The beer was labeled as a lager on the menu, but did not carry that traditional lager flavor but did carry a spiced, herbed flavor that was really good, and even better with the summer temperatures that we had. 

Taking a small break from my meal and drink, I let my stomach settle a bit and then it was off to a place that I have been dying to try, The Redding Terminal Market.  The easiest way for me to describe this place is that it is a giant melting pot of food and culture that is stuffed into a giant warehouse.  You could eat breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, supper, and desert all in one day.  The is an amazing amount cultural foods as well.  Fresh foods are everywhere, the smells are great, and at Molly Mollay’s you can get a cold one to walk around with.  I recommend the American Hero Ale, not just because I’m a veteran but because it was good.

Molloy Malloy's American Hero AleThe brew had a nice dark color and rich flavor.  The small pub has an oddly large classic pub feel to it, even though it is basically an open setting bar in the middle of a giant grocery store.  The magic of the Redding Terminal was obviously working on me.  It was nearly time for me to take off and meet back up with the team, but first I needed to stop at America’s olders Ice Cream parlor, L.D Bassett,  and grab a cup of vanilla ice cream.  Great way to finish the day.

Terminal Market Basset Ice Cream

It took my 15 minutes walk back to the Constitution Center to rally up with the gang and head back to Delaware.  My stomach felt like it was going to explode at this point, and my eyes were getting heavy.  It didn’t take us long before we were back on the road and guys started dropping like flies.  Heads back and mouths wide open, the van slumber party had begun.  I took this time to reflect on the Philly journey we took and that I would tell anyone and everyone that lives near a city of any type large or small, that they should spend the day seeing it’s history and enjoying it’s culture.  You don’t necessarily need to speak to anyone but that will make the trip better, and you never know who you will end up meeting.  Head on out and enjoy some food, friends, and beer.


See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler.