DOW (Drinks of the Week)

I had a lot to drink this week.  On Friday I enjoyed to many elixirs.  It was a birthday celebration so I don’t care.  My only word of advice is that you shouldn’t mix the following items together if you are over thirty, beer, white Russians, cheese steaks, hoagie, chocolate cake, meat sticks, and cheese. This would cause me to be disappointed in myself the next morning.  Light weight! Either way I got to enjoy a wide variety of drinks this week.

This first beer that I had this week was at the Independence Beer Garden in Philadelphia.  The Beer was Nodding Head Monkey Knife Fight.KNife Fight.PNG  The beer was great for the day because of its herby spiced flavor, and the summer heat, mixed with the outdoor seating the IBG offers was awesome.  It really helped me to relax and take in the scenery that IBG offers.  This beer was labeled as a lager on the menu but didn’t have the classic lager taste at all.  It was really good though.

The Second Beer that I was happy to enjoy was called American Hero Ale, from Liquid Hero Brewing.  I was at the Reading Terminal Market and stopped at Molly Malloys and had this fine ale.  Dark color and rich flavor, this beer hit the spot.  I think I got a little caught up in the moment though.  Molly Malloy’s is an open bar in the middle of a giant grocery store, yet somehow makes you feel like your sitting in a pub just people watching.  As I sat there Molloy Malloy's American Hero Aleenjoying my ale time seemingly just slowed for a moment.  Great beer great place.

While sitting at DP Killa’s house we threw down a ton of drinks.  It was his birthday so no excuse needed.  He broke out Stewart’s 20th Anniversary Beer.  Delicious, that’s all I have to say.  Stewarts is a small brewery in Delaware that has been around for some time.  They were the awesome craft beer in Delaware before it got trendy.  These guys have been killing it for a long time.  We would finish the night off with drinking White Russians.  I had about three of these before I had to throw the towel in and fall asleep on his living room floor. I had enough, the night was finally over.  Bring on the headache.   IMG_4998[2543190]

I suggest heading out and grabbing some of the above brews or visit a pub and enjoy today especially if you can find a place to drink outside.  A few suggestions would be, The Crooked Hammock in Lewes, DE, Brick Works in Smyrna, Canwells in Odessa, De.   I look forward to this week since the NFL will be kicking off and I will be a the Eagles home opener.  Great time to take and try some new Beers.

See You in the Future – Thee Time Traveler – American Hero Ale – Monkey Knife Fight Beer – Stewarts beer 20th Anniv. Blend – Independence Beer Garden – Molly Malloys Bar – Amazing Food