Relax It’s Sunday

Today is an amazingly beautiful day.  Hurricane Hermine has stayed of the coast but brought amazing temperatures.  This week has been a great week once again, spent time with family, friends, and had some awesome drinks this week.  Early in the week I took a day trip to Philadelphia, worked on creating a website, celebrated DP Killa’s birthday, and hung out at a brewery.  All in all I really enjoyed this week very much.

On Tuesday of this past week friends, coworkers, and myself spent the day in Philadelphia as part of a team building event.  We visited the Constitution Center,

Constitution Center

Independence Mall, Independence Beer Garden, and I made my way over to the Reading Terminal Market.  I am a big fan of visiting Cities because of the hodge-podge of cultures that are intertwined in these concrete jungles.  The is truly evident when you go to the Reading Terminal Market.  If you have time today I would pack up and go walk the city, it’s amazing out and bring your appetite.

I continue to work past my fears of starting on an online business.  I think that I am totally over the hump now and ready to move forward with it.  I had to sell the wife on the idea which is the toughest part.  I didn’t want to do anything unless she was totally on board.  I got the go ahead from he so this week I will continue to research and pursue my side venture.  I am really excited and can’t wait to get started on it.

Friday night would be a good night, I would spend the late afternoon and evening hanging out with DP Killa celebrating his 34th Birthday.Many  It’s started out easy enough drinking a few beers, which then led into white Russians and watching “The Big Lebowski.”  I love that movie and many years ago DP and I would watch it before or after bowling in league play.  Mark it an X dude.

Saturday was good even if there was a ton of wind.  I went to Blue Earl Brewing Company where they were having a car show, beer garden, live music and food trucks.  The food truck that I would visit that day wasn’t located there but in its normal spot, the parking lot of Auto Zone and Royal Farms in Smyrna, Delaware.  The truck is called O’ Phoebe’s BBQ,  The truck is awesome, and by no means does this dude go easy on the food.  His smoker has been in use for 15 years and the flavor backs that up.  His prices are great for the amount of food that you get.  He isn’t skimping on anything either, he does it his way, and he only says whats on his mind.  Great dude Great food.

As far as today goes I will sit and relax, enjoy a book, “The Storytellers’s Secret” by Carmine Gallo, and end the day hanging with some good friends.  I am on vacation this upcoming week and plan on working on the new website and online business.  As a family we continue to go back and forth on either getting a pool, or a trailer at the beach.  We really can’t decide which way to go.  If there are any good book idea’s out there please share away.  Enjoy your day, have fun and make some awesome memories.

See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler.

Links: – Indepedence Beer Garden – Blue Earl