DOW (Drinks of the Week)

Before I get started on the drinks I had this week I want to give props to a local Craft Beer Brewer, Blue Earl Brewing.  They took on Delaware’s craft beer heavy weights in the brew bracket challenge and came out victourious.   One of the younger craft beers in the state, I was happy to see them win the challenge.  The Odessa Brew Fest is an awesome event that bring the community together and you get to enjoy some really awesome beers.  I was a bit tied up with a wedding so I was not able to enjoy, but was able to show some love on social media in support of Blue Earl.

This week I threw back a wide variety of drinks.  I picked up another variety pack, had some Troegs, Allagash and enjoyed some Moscow Mules.  Yes you are correct my liver is not happy with me, I also forgot to mention that I went to Iron Hill Brewery in Wilmington and enjoyed some of their beer also.  You say drunk, I say good times.  Judge me I don’t care.

First Group of Beers:  Abita Brewing


First go to the website of these Cajun cats and look at the recipes that they have.  Pretty awesome right, your welsome.   The Party Pack was good and provided a bunch of different flavors.  The bottles were fun and the names fit the beers.  The Purple Haze may have been my favorite in the box, but the Amber was good also.  I didnt’ care too much for the Blueberry but that’s because I don’t like my beers fruity at all, with the exception of a Shock Top, or Blue Moon.  I would pick this up again just because it has such a wide variety that the name Party Pack fits it to a T.  Grab one of these is you have friends coming over that all like different brews and you could probably find on in this box that they would enjoy.

Earlier in the week I had Troegs LaGrave.


The LaGrave comes in a 4 pack with a cork in it.  These were good, and I especially enjoyed them outside with some friends.  The only small problem was that the liquor store had them in a fridge and some mold got on the cork.  That didn’t stop me though I popped the cork and enjoy this cold delicious brew.  This may have been the best beer I had all week.

Iron Hill Brewery –

I love this place.  We spent the evening enjoying great food, friends, and beer for a rehearsal dinner.  If you haven’t been I would suggest stopping in and getting a table outside up stairs.  Great views and on a cool summer night, time just slips away.  I had a couple of their beers, the Vienna Lager, a Pumpkin, and a Belgian.  The Belgian was my favorite followed by the Pumpkin then the Lager.   You’ll notice that I really enjoy Belgians.  Iron Hill makes a good one.

Allagash –


This was my last beer for the week.  Me and DP stopped at Cantwells in Oddessa Delaware to finish off a great sunday and a great weekend.  If you haven’t been to Cantwells, well your just wrong.  Either way I had the Allagash Belgian and loved it.  I was only able to put one down but it was well worth it.  The bar tender was cool and made good conversation, and the beer helped end a great week, even though I was falling asleep at the bar.  Yeah I guess I was a little tired.  Pop Pop can only take so much.

Well we’ll see what this week brings me. I hope to find some new drinks and some new friends.

See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler