Relax It’s Sunday


Well actually it’s now Monday.  I had a really awesome and long weekend that didn’t allow me the time to actual put together a Sunday Post.  Practice for youth football was awesome, attended a great rehearsal dinner, played some golf, enjoyed an amazing wedding, and of course had some drinks, and hung out with some great friends.

I had off this week from work this so I got to sit around the house and enjoy some decent beers, cut some grass and coach some football.  I wrote a decent post, and also began pushing my video into my blogs but only for the 4 for 4.  I predicted that the Eagles would win this week 24-10 and low and behold almost got it on the head.  I’ll write later about my Eagles experience.

The rest of the week went smooth and we had good days practicing with the youth football team.  We got our first win of the season on Saturday making us 1-1 now.  The kids played great and learned a lot.  We will spend the week continuing to teach them the basics and hopefully pull out another win next Saturday.  The kids are great and a responding pretty well.

Friday was an excellent day and I got to play golf at the Dupont Country Club.  We weren’t there long before some member decided to not introduce herself and ask if the club was enforcing the clothing rules.  Apparently my wife’s shorts didn’t reach the fifty year old lady mark.  I though she looked great, either way we spent way to much money on a skirt that she will never use again. gold  I don’t recommend playing this course at all, not because it isn’t nice looking, which it is nice looking, but they don’t expect cash at all and the credit card system is terrible, I mean like eighties terrible. Either way I had a great day golfing in the end my day would end at the Iron Hill Brewery for the rehearsal dinner.  Great beer great friends.

Saturday was busy like incredibly busy.  The wife and I got up early Saturday morning, she has to go get her hair done, and whatever else those girls do prior to the wedding.  They all looked great though.  I took my kids with me to the fields to coach the game and quickly realized that it was jungle hot out, just muggy and nasty.  My kids held up well with the help of families and friends until late in the second half when my youngest finally had enough and burst.  Hot Milk Chunk everywhere, this was my que to bail.  Not having a son playing in the game makes it easy for me to dip out.  I got the girls home, met up with my old man an headed off to the wedding.

The wedding took place at Brantwyn Estate in Wilmington.

This place is and old school mansion, but is very nice and the staff that worked the wedding was awesome.  Visually the place is beautiful and I would recommend it to anyone getting married.  I was happy to be a part of this wedding because finally #2 had met the man of her dreams.  The Doctor is a great guy and down to earth, I hate that he likes the Bills but that’s ok I guess.  If he wasn’t a doctor I would have questioned his character a bit more.  The guest list included a bunch of old friends, new friends, and potential future friends.  This mix  of people created a great group and from what I could tell everyone had a blast.  I truthfully drank a ton of Moscow Mules so I was having fun no matter what.

All this concluded yet another awesome week.  I finalized it Sunday by attending the home opener for the Philadelphia Eagles.  Go Birds!  We got to the stadium early and I whipped up the breakfast egg rolls for the guys at D3.  Mainly me and DP ate them but they were good.  You can find them in the NOM NOM NOM page.  So I am off today and headed back to work tomorrow, can’t wait.  I hope everyone else had a great week, enjoyed some beers and some great friends.

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