Relax It’s Sunday

Relax, you F#$%^&@ Relax.  Sorry for that outburst but we are preparing for a two years old’s birthday party.  Food prep, decorations, Minnie Mouse, and constant running around.  In the end it is all worth it.  This week was decent, it was a full work week with me being transferred to a new position, hopefully.  Still some obstacles in the way but for the most part settling in to the gig.  I have had a stupid cough all week that I get every year this time of the year, its annoying and you just let it runs it’s course.  I am sure that I have Ebola.  The Eagles are 1-0 which is awesome and we won our second youth football game brining us to 2-1.   Friday I enjoyed a couple of beers with my buddy Sean, and discussed politics, millennials, hangover remedies, and visions of grandeur.  Once again a great week.

trying to prepare for a two-year old’s birthday seems easy enough right, yet I feel like a lot goes into something that she will never remember.  This is when I realized that this is more for me and my wife then it is for her.  The memory of the party will last with us forever and fade for the baby by this afternoon.  She is more likely to play with the boxes that everything comes in then the toys themselves.  For me the best part of the day is prepping the food.  I made some awesome deviled eggs, hoagie dip, and hot roast beef.  I will post the recipes for the eggs and hoagie dip later this week in the NOM NOM NOM NOM page.deviled-eggs

Youth football continues to be a fun journey each week.  The kids are understanding the basics more and more and don’t need as much attention as some of the other teams.  Two wins in a row has lifted their spirits a bit also. football Next week we play a tougher team and most likely will take a loss.  This is good, because the boys need to learn that failure is good and we can learn from it.  After we lost our first game the boys game back hungrier and ready to practice harder.  These are small life lessons you have to capitalize on when you have the chance.

Sean swung by this week to drink a couple of beers and talk about starting a pod cast.  It’s something we are kicking around, yet we have to find our Niche on what we are going to discuss.  Many years ago we went to the Connecticut School of Broadcasting to do the initial interview and see if we could get excepted into the program.  We did but never followed through.  This was probably me more than him, we thought we could be the next Opie and Anthony.  The dream faded yet with technology the way it is today anyone can have an online show.  So we will probably give it a try.  We also talked about a lot of other things and traveled to the past a bit, realizing that we have known each other for more then twenty years which is pretty amazing.  Sean gave me some cherry poppers, hot stuffed peppers, and jalapeno relish, can’t wait to try em.

This week coming up should be interesting with me taking over a new role at work and how to continue to form the team that is in place.  I have a good relationship with the other two guys and hope that we can implement some fresh ideas.  I look forward to trying some new drinks this week, and having fun with family and friends.

See You in the Future – Thee Time Traveler.