DOW (Drinks of the Week)

This week I pulled back the reigns a bit and took it easy  I enjoyed a Belle’s IPA, a Bloody Mary, and Sierra Nevada’s Oktoberfest. This week wasn’t so much about the drinks but the good times that came with it.  I broke open the beers with Sean and talked about great times, old times, and future times.  This post is coming late today because we celebrated my youngest daughters birthday with great friends and family.

Friday night Sean came by with a six-pack and some great ideas.  We had talked about starting a podcast, but we still need to find out what our Niche is going to be, what we are going to discuss and how long the cast will be. vices-sean Many years ago we wanted to get into radio and become shock jocks.  Obviously this never happened, but with the advancements in technology we can now kinda do what we wanted to do so many years ago.  We talked about a lot more than just that, we talked about old times, future times, politics, religion, and so much more.

Sunday was great because so many friends and family came by, and I started the day with a bloody Mary.  I enjoy making mine with Zing Zang Bloody Mix, and Bay Vodka.  This awesome combination gives my Bloody’s just the right amount of spice and kick to get me going or recovering.  The day started off with bloody’s and continued with Miller Lites.  We cooked, drank, and had a great time with Great Grandparents, Grandparents, Friends we consider family,and a lot of laughs.  Today was the essence of the traveler, talking about times past, remembering being young when we played in the back yard of the farm, or Aunt Mary’s house in brookside, or the farm in Dover throwing lawn darts, and chasing each other.  Today is a day that I hope my daughters get to travel back to one day.  Great Food, Great Drinks, and even better people.

See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler