Relax It’s Sunday – or actually Monday

I know a day late again.  I had a busy weekend that pulled me in different directions.  Next week we will post on Sunday, so Relax it’s Monday.  Later today I will get to play some golf, in support of Camp Colwell, which is a camp for Delaware National Guard members children.  The camp helps build new friendships, a sense o well-being, and is a positive camp for the community.  I enjoyed some great food, friends, football, and of course beers this week.  I finished another book, and continue to work on finding ways to develop passive income, but more importantly I think I have come with a great idea for an online business.  What is it you say, no way I’m not telling just yet.

Earlier in the week I finished a book, “The Business of the 21st Century:, by Robert T. Kiyosaki.  The book was pretty good in that it tries to inspire you take control and work in your off time to make money, like passive income.  The vehicle that it focuses on is network marketing.  The jist of it is that a mentor finds you, and then you find someone to mentor, with that you are also pushing whatever product that the company is selling.  Think of companies like Tastfully Simple.  They use multi level marketing to employ people.  The are some positives and negatives to the system the biggest negative being that some people of used the method to create pyramid schemes, the positive is although you may not make a lot of money you can use it as a tool to learn how to run a small business.  It will help expose you to the foundation of running a business with very little start-up money.  If you ever chose to get into network marketing pick something you like, if you don’t like the product or products then you wont have the passion to sell it, without passion there is no pursuit.

Finished out a great week of practice for the youth football team.  The boys worked hard all week, yet faltered in the game on saturday.  I thought we would lose but we only lost because the boys couldn’t stay focused.  Which is common because they are seven years old, and that’s okay becuase we can take this game and learn from it.  The great lesson in it is that you can’t win without some failure.  The second play of the game we scored a 60 yard touchdown.  Then it was downhill from there.  They played hard but in the end the other team was just a bit better.  This lose was good, it gives us a chance to get them back to basics again.  Teaching youth football isn’t so much about wins or losses but about teaching the kids some life skills, and the fundamentals of the game.

Saturday brought a great day, after the football game the wife and I got ready for a night out with two other couples.  We ate dinner at a restaurant called Taverna, ( ), which offered great food, drinks, and good times.  The waitress was exceptional, and we sat and told stories, drank, and relaxed.  After dinner we headed over to Exudus, (, which is a great time, they lock you in a room and you have to solve a series of clues in order to get out.  The rooms are themed and it takes everybody to work together in order to escape.  We did well but failed in the end.  I recommend this to anyone that wants to just have fun with friends or a small group of co-workers for a team building event.  Once we finished there we moved next door to Grain, (, a small bar to end the evening with drinks and laughs.  We sat there for a couple of hours drinking and having a great time.  We also realized the Newark, De is not the college town I remember when I was younger.  The streets were empty at 11 at night, we all laughed at this because we remembered the days of it being packed full of cars, people everywhere all looking for parties, yet on this Saturday there was nothing, you could have taken a skateboard down the middle of the road with no worries.  All in all a great night.

Sunday finished out an amazing week with DP and me going to see the Eagles play the Steelers.  If you saw my video in the 4 for 4 I predicated a close game with the Eagles winning 23-20.  Wow was I wrong , the Eagles beat the brakes of the Steelers in a shocking fashion.  They are legit and the real deal.  This is great because now the season is something to look forward to rather than watching guys develop we could be watching playoff games this year.  We set up in the normal D3 parking lot, drank some Guinness, Flying Dog, and Blue Point Pumpkin beers.  Great weather, great day.

I look forward to this week starting with today when I get to hit the links in what looks like is going to be a beautiful day.  I need to finish another book I have and then find something else to read.  I also look forward to trying to connect to new people, you never know who you’ll run into.

See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler