DOW (Drinks of the Week)

So this week isn’t so much about a feature drink rather than the good times that came out of the drinks.  This week I picked up Shipyard PumpkinHead. shipyard-pumpkin-head This was a pretty good choice with the temperatures dropping this week the spicy pumpkin flavor hit the spot.  I picked it up because I went to a get together of some neighbors I never met before and this guy Ron was drinking them.  I was knocking back Miller Lites, and trying to feel out the room.  I really start out pretty shy at first just because I am busy trying to figure out everyone’s personality. The group was pretty good and  all the little girls did a photo shoot for the one ladies web site.  She sells a line a children’s clothes  called Matilda I think.  The girls loved it because they got to pose and dress up.  good-times

I drank a little bourbon this week just to relax, you never actually drink it fast.  I like to put about two ice cubes in mine let ir rest for a little bit than slowly drink it for about an hour or more.  It’s a sipper not f@#$%&! shot.  I like to relax a little.  This is different from Saturday’s drink of choice which turned out to be Captain and Coke.  Shit that was a bad idea.  It started off innocent enough you know two fingers of rum and then some Coke.  The last one felt more like two fingers of Coke and then rum.  Dumb ass! night-night This would lead me from being really funny to incoherent to falling asleep on the floor.  Whatever, like none of you haven’t done that.  I had a great time which is the whole point, great food, great friends, and a little time travelling.

I don’t know what to drink this week so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Next Saturday I have a few options for fun, a kids birthday party, House warming party, and I may try to swing into a cornhole tournament.  I like to keep my options open.



See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler