DOW (Drinks of the Week)

So sorry to disappoint this week but the drink of the week this week is…………..COFFEE.  Yeah I said it, coffee.  I was shit faced tired all week and if it wasn’t for this liquid form of crack I don’t know if I could have gotten out of bed.  I know I sound like a junkie, well back the fuck off.  Sorry still tired, and my birds lost today.  This golden cup of warmth is my life blood during the week, weekend, late nights doing homework, hell it’s my blood at this point.

There is nothing better, well there is plenty better, but nothing better in the morning then a fresh hot cup of coffee, especially when it is chilly outside.  I love mine with hazelnut creamer, no sugar.  I hear you, bitch coffee, well that’s how I like it and that’s all there is to it.

This week I will be coming to you with a video for DOW on Saturday.  If you didn’t see my post about the Selfie King IPA go check it out,  Bellefonte Brewing Company in Wilmington is releasing the brew in honor of my boy and his 20 years of service.  So I am going to go and finish my after dinner cup of COFFEE, and chill for the rest of the night.

See You in the Future – Thee Time Traveler