Relax It’s Sunday

I don’ t seem to have a lot for this week.  The week was pretty quiet for the most part.  Hold on a sec………. Sorry my two-year old thought that it was the perfect time to have a melt down about brushing her teeth.  Well  I guess it’s the Crib for you.  I can do that because I am a man, and adult.  I mean I feel a little bad, wait no f$^# that noise.  I know I know, I will grab her in a minute, these girls will be the death of me.  Anyway back to this week. Hurricane Matthew seems to have taken a path away from the northeast which is awesome, we got our butts kick in youth football, and I made some awesome food this week.  Best part is I am sitting and having a Miller Lite and getting ready to watch some football.  I love Sundays, we sat down as a family this morning and had a big breakfast, turkey bacon, scrapple, pancakes, crepes, and a little scrambled eggs.

I did feel terrible yesterday, my girls have had high fevers this week which lead me to cancelling on two events.  This first was a house-warming for my cousin, so proud he finally got his own place.  The second was DP Killas’ son’s birthday party.  I hate missing anything that involves DP Killa’s son or Sean’s Girls.  Sucks.  So the fevers may have caused us to stay in but we made brownies, and awesome pasta dish,img_5179 and the Stuffed Pepper Soup in the crock pot now.  My oldest help me make everything.  I could spend all day in the kitchen.
I look forward to the upcoming week, I got the Selfie King IPA release on the 15th of October, Pumpkin picking next week, lunch with the Selfie King on Thursday, and hopefully some new beers.  The Eagles are looking good and should pull down another win this week.  I hope everyone else has a great week.


See You in the Future – Thee Time Traveler