Selfie King IPA

Saturday was the unveiling of the Selfie King IPA at Bellefonte Brewing Co. bellefonte-2  The story of the Selfie King is a story of almost near fiction.  The term the man the myth the legend holds true to this fella.  Many of his stories seem untrue until someone confirms it.  Wild, narcissistic, self involved, crazy, kind,giving, like the shirt off your back giving, psychotic, and just a fun dude, all these things make up the Selfie King.  I’ll write this story and many of the people that will read it will say I know that guy.  The man is like an a 1920’s mayor, he seems to know everyone.  He truly took on the Selfie King when he got the VP to take one with him, and no the VP didn’t do Duck Lips.  His rise to the Selfie King was like the rise of the Phoenix, or his tall tales are like that of Paul Bunyan.  No matter what though everyone seems to have fun when he is around.

The Selfie King beer came as a tribute to this mans 20 plus year career in the Military.  The best part is that the beer gets people talking, and gets them taking photos with him, and with each other. time-travlers-gathering These actions on help his reign as the King, and only makes his legend grow more.  The Beer you ask, was good.  Good enough that I got a growler full and drank it that night sitting by the fire.  Thee Time Traveler loves any thing that gets him talking about the past, present, and future.  Great color, great flavor, and Bellefonte’s also puts together good times.  They had a food truck, DOGGIE STYLE, and if you know the Selfie King you know how fitting that was.  The day was beautiful and the sun was shining which also added to the great experience I had.  Bellefonte has a garage door that opens and the sun worked its way in, folks brought there dogs out, and I even brought the girls. c-and-me-at-bellefonte

I hope to get back soon so that I can try some of the other tasty elixers that are provided by Bellefonte Brewing Co.  The crew working that day made the experience great, even if they kept getting my name wrong.  It’s cool though, I have a neighbor that for the last four years has been calling me by the wrong name.  I’m just happy that he says hi.  The owner is great, the crew is great, the beer is great, get up there and get you some.

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The Selfie King will most likely be in a place near you, so grab a Selfie whenever you can.  He is at the beach, at the bar, at the mall, a charity event, a 5K, I mean it, this dude is everywhere it’s kinda scary.  As for Thee Time Traveler, if you catch up to me let’s have a beer and share a story.

See You in the Future – Thee Time Traveler

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