DOW (Drinks of the Week)

Through down three very different beers this week.  This made my mouth go numb.  The first beer this week was a suggestion from B-Rad, a sour beer, followed that with a safety beer, Weyerbacher Belgian, and then an unknown by Hobo Brewing.  So yeah a sour, a Belgian, and an IPA.  This was the equivalent of gong into a bar and trying to choose from the punk, the prep, and the business lady.  All are fun in their own way but, but you can’t have all three at the same time, or maybe you can……… Sorry started to day dream a bit there.

Lord Hobo Brewing IPA

This was a decent beer.  I enjoyed it, not sure if I will go back to it, if it wasn’t for the can I don’t know if I would have picked it up.  No it didn’t taste like a hobo’s life,  hobo-breweing-ipadisappointment, it tasted like an average IPA.  Good sitdown beer, it did make me think about jumping into a rail car with other hobo’s and telling them my sad story, but I choose to do that with friends instead.  I would say pick this beer up, not for the amazing taste but for the conversation that comes with it, people are going to ask whats that can all about.  Single dudes you may need this if you have trouble starting conversations with ladies, or dudes, or trannies, I don’t care what your into just get the damn beer.

Lagunitas Sour

So my buddy at work talked about drinking sour beers.  Jersey Joe suggested Victories Sour Monkey, I couldn’t find it, B-Rad told about Aunt Sally from Lagunitas.  This was beer felt weird.  I have never had a sour beer before, so this was like kissing that weird chick in the bar, it felt weird at first but it grew on me.  The  delicSour really didn’t hit me until the back-end, it made my eyes go funny for a second  and make that face like where your lips pucker a little and you begin to questions your life decisions.  All in all not bad, I don’t know if I will pick this one up again, only because I don’t like how sweet it was, but if your into that kind of thing cool.  This one if for you.

Weyerbacher Mellow Monks

This was my safety beer in case I didn’t like the other ones I bought.  I like almost every Belgian that I have had, and this one didn’t disappoint.  Weyerbacher makes good beers that generally lead to good times.  I drank these up pretty quick and shared stories with some friends.  DP brought over Sam Adams, and Adam brought Miller Lite, way to go out on a limb dude.  This Belgian was smooth and easy going, I am gong to grab some of these for the game next week probably.


Ranking these three I would go Weyerbacher, HOBO, then the Lagunitas Sour.  I would also tell you go out and grab some of the other Lagunitas that are out there.  Those people make some good beers also and they have a good variety.  Never drink alone, and always share some stories.  I am open for suggestions if you got em.

See you in the future – Thee Time Traveler.