Relax It’s Sunday

You know when it is Eagles vs Cowboys it is difficult to relax.  These games mean so much more then just another football game.  These teams hate each other.  Well at least I would like to think that they do.  As far as relaxing goes I am doing my best.  Whipped up an awesome meal for today’s football games, and I have a couple of new beers that I am working through.  I’ll post the recipe in NOM NOM NOM, and talk about the beers in my DOW,  Drinks of the week.  I didn’t get a chance to post last week, because the new job position took a lot of time and I wasn’t able to get to the posts.  This will happen again at some point.

The last two weeks have been a blur, very busy with work, school, football, and just normal family life evens.  I blinked and two weeks went by.  Unreal sometimes, like when your driving and all of a sudden your like how the hell did I get home.  Yeah it was like that.  One of the coolest things that we did, that we do every year, is we went an picked pumpkins.  They lasted about a week, and then began to melt on my steps.  nasty.  Now I got pumpkin shit all over my steps.

Today though it is chill time, cook eat and watch football.   Last night DP and his family came over and the Carsley’s stopped in.  We ate drank and talked about the past, present, and future.  We stepped back in time to 2007, 2008, as well as about  twenty years from now, discussing the wedding plans for my oldest.  Shit I don’t think so.  Great couple of weeks, with plenty of nice days.  I look forward to what this week is going to bring.

See You in the Future – Thee Time Traveler.