DOW(Drinks of the Week)

Drinks of the has been sober for a few weeks and I am kinda sorry for that.  I have been really busy lately and for the two people that pay attention to this blog my bad.  We threw down on bunch of stuff this weekend, hung out with some awesome folks, and made some new friends.  The lineup this time included Dogfish Head, a bunch of other stuff, Bloody Mary’s, Mimosa’s, and some Blue Earl.  Shit that was a lot drinks.

Saturday offered some great times, we started with a dance recital, then off to Blue Earl to hang with some family, then to a birthday party with a ton a great people.  Sunday we headed up to the football game to do some tailgating and watch the Birds play the Skins.  The weekend went quick but I had one hell of a time.

Dog Fishhead Beers this week:dog-fish-bb

Breakfast Stout – This one has a great coffee taste and a hint of scrapple.  Yeah I said it scrapple.  We had it with the breakfast sandwiches that I made at the game on Sunday.  It was given to me by an awesome neighbor of mine, Tim.  THis dude comes through on drinks.  We have slowly begun a small tradition of putting Christmas lights out at the same time, which means that halfway through we start drinking.  Sorry got off topic there.

Namaste –  The wife loves this beer, and I like it equally as much.  The girls did a tour at dogfish and met the owner.  They loved the hospitality and the beer.

Blue Earl – You guys know I love this place.  I drank a couple down their and like always had a great time.  Some family was there and we traveled a little telling stories of good ole times.  We went back as far as 94 95.  I went to the beach with some cousins for a week and held out on a wicked hurricane.  We bunkered down and stayed in place.  The storm passed and the memory lives on.

After we left Blue earl we headed to Adams house for his birthday.  I won’t say how old but he is closer to 40 then I am.  A ton of people showed up and then fun ensued.  I got caught up in a shotgun beer race. good-times If you don’t know what that is then stop reading now and go lock your self in the closet.  The rules are simple poke a hole in the bear, put the beer on your mouth over the new hole tip your head back and crack the tab.  The person who finishes first is the winner.  If they win enough they become the drunken loser.  It fun as hell, don’t judge because I don’t care.  Oh and I finally had Chipotle, wow  that shit is good and I didn’t get food poisoning.

beer-gods Oh and this little guy rolled to my feet from who the hell knows where.  If figured the beer gods wanted me to try it.  It was okay, Indian Pale Ale a little hard on the sole. but a gift from the beer gods must be drank.

As always never drink alone, make memories, and go meet some people.

See You in the Future – Thee Time Traveler