So on 28 November The Eagles played the Packers, I personally can’t give you a review on this game because I don’t remember it.  Yes I Time Traveled.  I hate it when it happens at games but I guess it is what it is.  So here is a piece of what that day brought.

Monday night games are awesome because if the big spot light, you get to the stadium around 1 and party until you can’t feel anything.  That usually isn’t the intention but sometimes it happens.  We got their with good intentions like usual until DP broke out the Kirkland industrial size Rum.  F$%# that noise.  I started off like a shy high school girl but opened like a college coed about two drinks in.  That’s when a splash of coke truly meant a splash of coke.

The day started off talking about good times and having some beers with the boys, DP Killa, The Labanese Lion, Scared Cat, and the D3 Gang. img_5441 We were having a thanksgiving day feast and all were invited.  DP fried a turkey, I brought stuffing balls to fry, the D# gang brought and assortment of appetizers including fried oysters.  Big eazy does some crazy shit with hot peppers.  We ate like cave men, drank like sailors, and talked more shit then Kevin hart.  The laughs were hard and the beers were flowing.

All was good until that giant ass bottle of Kirklands Rum came out.  This is when things get patchy for me.  I entered a dream like time traveler state of mind.  We were sitting and talking about this, that, and the other thing when my brain shut off and I started to look at people as if I were looking behind them.  You can sometimes catch me talking to myself also.  What you don’t know is that I am talking to my future self, this is how I am able to guide myself to safety.  Apparently about 45 minutes before   img_5440game time we cleaned up the tail gate mess, packed up DP’s truck and headed for the Stadium.  I don’t remember any that shit.  It usually takes about 15 minutes to walk from the car get through security, jump in an elevator and get to our seats.  I don’t remember that part either.  It was somewhere in this thought that I remember ordering 40 dollars worth of chicken tenders, and beer.  I had 30 bones on me, and had to charge the rest on my card.   The women behind the counter had trouble explain the process to me or I was so drunk she was speaking to me like I was deaf.  Either way I like to think it was her and not me.  So off to my seat with nuggets in hand I dance my way up the steepest stairs in the world and sit my fat ass down in my seat.  I then begin to eat the tenders and fries as if I had discovered something complexly new and now one else had these golden little nug nugs but me.  I thought for a moment that this was it I was regaining my strength like when super man uses the sun to boast his energy.  There I stood basking in the rays of deep fried chicken, fries, and a miller lite, I was going to be human again.  FUCK I FELL A SLEEP.  So much for being human I turned into one of those goddamn stadium zombies.  Lights out shithead.  I woke from my slumber in the 4th Quarter, yelling something that could have been confused for hillbilly mandarin.  The as if I had been watching the whole game with a tactical eye, I simply said this game is over.  DP looked at me as if to say know shit dummy welcome back to reality.  My bad.  He still had to drive my ass home at which point I would talk to him the whole way back.  I was in that philosophical drunk stage at that point.  You know that point when everything you say has some majestic meaning behind, but if you recorded yourself none of that shit would have made sense.  Oh well it got us home.

Moral of this story is……………. Don’t drink alone, when you intend to have fun have a fucking Blast.


See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler