Alpha Outpost

I will start this by saying that any subscription box I get the only thing I expect back is items, and gear equal in value or greater to the money I spent which includes the shipping fee.   So if I pay a subscription company 40 dollars (NOT ALPHA OUTPOSTS PRICE), then I expect no less than that in items.  Anything above that is a bonus in my eyes.

So Alpha Out post is a monthly subscription box company that contains a different theme each month.  The first three boxes that you receive are all pre-determined and you know what they are ahead of time.   These are there Initial Box’s “The EDC,” “The Gentlemen,” and “The Medic.”  After you have received those you will then begin to get the monthly themed box.  I was first intrigued by this company because they are veteran owned, and also support other veteran owned companies.  This is a big deal to meal personally.


This is the hook I believe for Alpha Outpost.  The first box doesn’t come in a box because it’s to big.  You will receive the Everyday Carry Bag, a hat, flashlight, chapstick, a knife, and the Alpha Outpost Patch, and a mini magazine that details the EDC life.  These comics or instructional guides come with each box that you receive.

The bag is great, I use it everyday, that’s no lie.  It’s made of good material, and holds just what I need on a daily basis.  The bag itself exceeded the money spent for the month to get the box so I was very happy.  The other items I talked about above to me were bonus items.  I wear the hat often and the knife is always in the bag.  I keep the flashlight in my go bag that is in my jeep.  There werent’ really any negatives with the first box,  the only thing I had was that I had to fix the flashlight, the button that turns it on needed some care.  I don’t blame Alpha for that because I understand they don’t make the light.


This box is cool, and some of the items I use often.  This box came with cocktail glasses, I use those, a flask, do you even need to ask, whiskey stones, you saw where I use the cocktail glasses right?  A portable charger came in the box also, this is great and came in handy recently when I had to be out of town for a few days.  I got at least 2-3 charges out of it when it was fully charged.  You get one of those snazzy little wallet knives, kinda neat, I tucked it away.  The black Tie was nice, not going to use it a lot but we added it to the closet.  Lastly with the classic black tie comes a white pocket square.   I almost forgot the coffee, tactical pen, and beard comb.  The beard comb would be nice if I could grow a beard,  yet it looks like my beard stopped growning at the age of eleven.  My friends call me patches.  I naturally grow the JOE DIRT beard.


This is not an everyday box, or everyday carry.  This is something you can tuck away in your car, go bag, or keep in the house as an emergency kit.  The kit comes with a bunch of medical stuff from being able to perform aid on and open chest wound, to splinting a fracture, or putting a tourniquet around that one drunk friends mouth who always gets drunk and fights a trash can.  This kit comes in an awesome molly bag, that I tossed into my go bag in my jeep.  I have pulled over a few times to assist in car accidents and this kit is perfect for those things, or if you kid busts there ankle doing cartwheels in a wave at the beach.

If you are into trying out subscrition box’s then give these guys a chance.  The price is reasonable, and the gear is good so far.  I just recently recived my fourth box that came with a sleeping bag, a very durable poncho, a misquito net, and a sticker from from Grunt Style. (  If anything I would say try at least 4-5 box’s and then cancel if you don’t like it.  Me I am going to hang for a bit.

GO check them out.  This link doesn’t give you any kinda of discount, or perks.  Just hit it and check out the site and support veteran owned business.


See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler