DOW (Drinks of the Week) The Ireland Edition

The DOW will be about the  various beers and stills that I had during our recent trip to Dublin.  We visited many different Pubs and met some pretty awesome people.  The Emerald Isle has so much to offer but the pub culture is truly an Amazing time.  I’ll Give you a run down of the Pubs we visited and the drinks I had there.  Some will have links to see them, and some don’t have websites



This was a place we stopped in a couple of mornings and found that it was a good way to start the day.  Rose the bartender was a nice lady who knew everyone that came into the Pub.  She was also very helpful with places to see and maybe some places not to see.  On back to back mornings we stopped in and the wife got a Jameson and Ginger Ale, and I got a pint of Guinness.  Nothing to fancy or crazy but it was the atmosphere that was great.


L. Mulligan Grocer


Probably our favorite bar, the bartenders were great and chatted with us on different occasions.  My wife’s favorite was Harry “Prince Harry” the English lad working an Irish bar.  There was Gary who we talked to on several occasions.  I would try  a few different drinks at L. Mulligans.  The first was the BOG HOPPER Dirty Chick, followed by Bloody Elles, and a whiskey called Writers Tears.  The last few came of a list of mystery beers.  All were decent drinks and only added to the good times we had there.  Also you have to try the Scotch Eggs, and the Burger, they are excellent.  Needless to say I had a lot of different drinks at this place.

Oscars Cafe and Bar

Located in Smithfield Square this place was a bit more trendy and offered a great spot to stop and grab brunch.   You wouldn’t sit there all day drinking but the indoor and outdoor seating offered a place to relax and enjoy the day.  If you are in to people watching as much as I am this is the place to go to.  The Square is host to a wide variety of people that are walking about.  The food is delicious as well.  The Wife got a veggie burger with chips (French Fries), and got a regular burger with sweet potato chips.  The beer at this place was the Galway Hooker, and Irish Pale Ale.  Usually not my cup of tea but not bad with the burger.  The square was alive with festivities celebrating the Easter Rising, this was to celebrate the Irish rebellion in 1916, so we sat and people watched for a bit before heading out to enjoy the Rest of our day. The best part of the Square is that you never know who you will run into.


Brazen Head – The Oldest Pub in Ireland est. 1198

Side Brazen

From the front the pub looks as if it will be tiny, but once you get through the threshold you find some great indoor and outdoor seating areas.  We choose indoor and boy did we choose right.  The history of this bar can be seen all around but one of the cooler things is that the bar had dollar bills from all over the world taped and tacked to the walls, also there were patches from various first responders, law enforcement and military.  Very cool, each bill was someones story and each patch was someones life.  Gary the bartender, (different from the other Gary) was very helpful in giving us some tour suggestions.  The drinks were simple here just Jameson and Ginger Ale.

O’Sheas Merchant

Closer to the action and down the street from Brazen Head O’Shea’s was a lot like L. Mulligans and the food was good.  Here I got a tall glass of Hop House 13, which is a plane lager that is made by Guinness.  This was a good beer that and goes down easy.  Caroline the bartender was friendly like most places, and suggested the fish and chips for the wife.  The fish was great, I myself got a Panini with roast beef and cheese.  Both meals came with plenty of chips also.

The Next few Bars I won’t go to deep into not because we didn’t like them but because we were in full Pub Hopping Mode and didn’t stay that long at any of them.  Just wanted to pop in, grab a beer, and hustle to the next one.

Peadar Kearney’s Pub


Smaller on the inside and is named of the man who wrote the National Anthem for Ireland.

The Temple Bar


Very Trendy bar with a lot of tourists running a muck like most of the bars in the TEMPLE BAR area.  Yes there is an actual Temple Bar that resides in the area of TEMPLE BAR.  This is confusing I know, try being a bit tipsy and trying to figure out if there is an actual temple bar. The bar is big and offers good drinks, not as much hospitality, because it is so busy, there is some live music, and for the most part is a  very fun place, especially if you can get a place to sit and enjoy it.

The Old Storehouse


Great place, my kinda joint good beers, and live music as well.  You get some good ole Irish music in this bar.  I like that I could sit at the bar get a pint turn around and watch the performer.

The Auld Dubliner

A bit smaller than the Old Storehouse, but a lively place with a live artist, and plenty of good times.

Bad Bobs


A packed house much like The Temple Bar, but trendy and a good time.

Tommy O’Gara’s –  Sorry thats all I got.

Vat House Bar

Sorry No Photo .  We will blame this on being tired and Slightly Intoxicated.

I did enjoy the Hop House 13 Though
This was the last pub that we tried out.  They had straw hats on the tables that you could wear.  We only stayed for one drink and talked to a bartender whose name was Promise, you can’t make that up, he appeared to be of Persian but was a great guy.

The last two we saved because they aren’t really pubs, yet small pieces of heaven.  The Guinness Storehouse is where you can view Dublin amongst the clouds and the Jameson Distillery Tour is equally amazing.  If you go to Dublin do these tours you will not be disappointed.

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