This week I enjoyed three new beers, two by the same company and one that I only picked up because I like the way the can looked.  Two were from Nesahminy Creek Brewing Company, and one from 10 Barrel Brewing company.  I enjoyed these the only way I knew how and that was on my deck.

It was Friday night and the night was perfect, no wind 70 plus degrees and not a single bug to bother us.  We started on the deck around 6pm and enjoyed the next few hours just sitting, drinking, and talking about times past and times to come.  I think we managed to plan three more vacations, which we may only actually take one.  I can tell you that the night seemed to drag on which was fine by me, because like I said it was a beautiful night.  We knew that we had to go to bed early because of an early soccer tournament the next day, but we were willing to risk running a little behind just to have this relaxing moment.

I’ll tell you that as a parent there are few times when you can take a deep breath and relax in the silence of your partner.  There were moments where we didn’t say much but knew exactly what the other one was saying.

I know that this hasn’t talked about the beer that much and that’s only because they were GREAT!  I know this because one I didn’t have to dump any of them out and two because I just kept refilling my cup.


Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company

I went to my local liquor store in search of some new brews to try.  I was rummaging through the craft beer area when a great bug fella wearing a tank top told me about the beer tasting up front.  Well Shit man tell me no more I said, and off I went.  Standing there was a bro serving delicious elixirs for free.  He explained then in terms I don’t understnad but I did manage to get him to pour them in those plastic shot glasses and yes I did try all seven.  Each one I shook my head in aggreance with the distcription that he gave me.  No sir I don’t taste the coconut on the back, and I sure as shit don’t smell any notes.  I didn’t care much for the stouts or IPA’s that they had, only because that’s not my style of beer, but the Hefeweizen was good and the Tripel Belgian was good.  You know I got a sixer of each.  Now that my mouth was feeling great I went back in search of some more beer.

10 Barrel Brewing Company:

10 Barrel Pub Brew comes in as basic a can as you can make it, nothing fancy just black and white.  The beer was a lager, and please don’t be mistaken by the basic design, the lager was delicious.  I won’t tell you its the best I have ever had but I will say it’s a great beer especially after a long day, or just a normal day, or because it’s 10 Am and you don’t want to be judeged, so fuck off it’s my liver.   Screw it I am having another.  This is a good beer just to keep in that garage fridge, I would tell you that it’s a good go to beer.  I plan on putting some more in their this week.

Sit back, relax and enjoy a cold one.  You don’t need a reason you only need company.

See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler.