Relax It’s Sunday

It’s Sunday so relax a bit, maybe kick you feet up and take a deep breath and just enjoy being around awesome people.  Take the day to appreciate those who are close to you in your home or just in your life.  Delaware took a heavy hit with the recent death of one of their beloved State Troopers.  In such tragic moments you can only hope that the community finds a way to pull together.  I won’t bother you with the details of what happened. Just know that a good man lost his life just doing his job, and a family and community are devastated over the acts of one man.  A terrible situation all the way around.   Instead I’ll give you somethings to think about.  I don’t always follow these to a tee but I put in a good effort.

  1.  Put aside petty arguments, time doesn’t stop.  Every minute lost cannot be regained.
  2. Hugs never killed anyone.
  3. Say I love you when ever you get the chance.  It should never lose it’s power, if it does something is wrong.
  4. Change can only be made by you.  Stop waiting for others to change your problems.
  5. Stop wasting time worrying about other peoples problems.
  6. If it doesn’t make you happy it’s probably not for you.
  7. Stop waiting for tomorrow.
  8. The only way to learn is to fail.
  9. Before you criticize someone look in the mirror.
  10. Sometimes saying nothing is the most powerful thing.