DOW (Drinks of the Week)

After a long week last week it was nice to sit back and enjoy a nice glass of whiskey.  Whiskey or Bourbon is my go to drink on most occasions.  Just having a small cocktail glass with a little ice and some time can change my whole outlook.  I normally will pour the glass then let it sit for some time just to let that ice take a little bit of bite off of it.  If it’s a whiskey or bourbon that I haven’t had yet I will drink it neat.  Once the glass gets to the color I like it’s time to take that first sip.  As I raise the glass up I pull in a deep breath through my nose, glass to my lips, and enjoy that sweet elixir.  I also noticed that as the glass comes back down to rest on the arm of the sofa I watch the glass admiring what this concoction has done to me.

This week we continued with some Irish flavors.  The whiskey of Choice this week was Teeling’s Irish Whiskey.  This is the fourth different Irish Whiskey I have had starting with Jameson, Tullemore Dew, and Writers Tears.  All are very good and go down nicely.  I would say that if you have never had any Irish Whiskey before you should really start with one of the four above.  Writers Tears is a bit  more difficult to find unlike the more trendy brands listed above.

Why Whiskey, because it’s great and I when I drink it straight I don’t drink the whole bottle.  Less chance of time traveling that way.  Two glasses of whiskey or bourbon may take me an hour or more to drink.  It’s one of those drinks that you can sip on and just reflect on the week that has passed.  In many cases I believe reflection is the best way to overcome mistakes.  Decisions are made in the heat of the moment in many cases, but we rarely look back at those decisions to see if they were right or not.  I don’t necessarily mean the big decisions either, the small ones like you may have handled a conversations, or interaction with someone.  You can’t change that interaction of conversation but you can make sure it doesn’t happen in the future.

This is can all be done with a smooth glass of Teeling Irish Whiskey.


See You in the Future – Thee Time Traveler.