DOW (Drinks of the Week)

So after a long week of trying to solve issues that I can’t control it was nice to finally get to a point where I could relax and get down on some beers.  Saturday night was a great night, where DP and I just sat and chatted for hours.  We did this while drinking a combination of beers.  Two came from The Crooked Hammock in Lewes, Delaware and the other was Sweet Water 420 Extra Pale Ale.

The Crooked Hammock Brewery

The Crooked Hammock is an amazing place to go eat, drink, and just relax.  They have found a way to create basically the coolest back yard setting for it’s guest with picnic tables, fire pit, play set, and plenty of good times.   I don’t know how they get people out of there.  I would definitely go there with a group and just enjoy a nice early summer day.

crooked Hammock

DP was in that area on Friday so he picked up two Growlers for us to sit back and enjoy.  D got Shoobie Belgian Blonde Ale, that neither of us particularly enjoyed.  It almost had a burnt nutty kinda of taste.  Now this didn’t stop us from drinking it though.  We sat in his 4 season room with two Growlers on the table and plenty of stories to recall.  My Growler was a Belgian Tripel called the Kornheiser  and was really good.

Sweet Water Brewing Company

SweetWater 420

Based off of suggestions this week I picked up Sweet Waters 420 Extra Pale Ale.  I don’t normally go for Pale Ales but this one was pretty good.  I think it worked only because of the fish on the bottle.  I expected it to taste like a salty fish, but was actually happy once the smooth flavor hit my mouth.  This may be all made up because I had just finished 64 ounces of Belgian Triple.  I didn’t time travel but I could hear the engines firing up.

I’ll take any suggestions you may have.  I got a list of craft beers I will be looking for.


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