West Palm Beach

The wife is lucky enough to travel a bit for work and she usually gets to see some cool places.  This works good for us because she is my drinking partner, best friend, girlfriend, and wife.  We have the best of times when we go out.  We will be sure to add her journeys into the Time Travelers Journals as well.  Her latest trip, although short, still took her to West Palm Beach in Florida.  She had the chance to hit up a couple of joints and give us some good feedback and reviews of the time she had.

The trip she took was short but fruitful.  She is great at making a lot out of a little time.  She managed to hit up a couple of bars and basically said it was like being in an episode of Bloodline.  Her description of the people is classic Florida, relax with a lot of linen.  She started her trip by staying at the Hilton on Singer Island.  Great views seven though it was a bit over cast, don’t worry a cloudy day doesn’t bring this lady down. IMG_2822

The first bar restaurant that she hit was Johnny Long Boats.  This was a very Florida style bar with pirate swag on the walls and even a giant shark over top of the bar.   She didn’t get a chance to enjoy the outdoor seating because of the rain but said it was a great joint with great food.  She of course went with the Alaskan King Crab Legs which by her description were “Unbelievable,” and so “Full of Meat.”  I took that as a sign that she enjoyed them a little too much.


The second place that she got to hit up was Sail Fish Marina where apparently the season never ends, what ever that means.  Great views at this place and great bar tenders.  It’s located on the water and has some amazing views and creates a great atmosphere for relaxing and enjoying a night of drinks.


Although this may have been a short trip she came back fully convinced that we will go again, or at least try to buy a place down there.  I love her motivation and free spirit but daddy can barely afford this website.  We will definitely make another trip there and get to experience more of what West Palm Beach and Singer Island has to offer.

See You in the Future – Thee Time Traveler