Women’s Football Festival

For mothers day this year I decided to think outside the box and bought my wife two tickets to the Philadelphia Eagles 2nd Annual Football Festival for Women on 21 May 2017.  The day would include running drills on the field, meeting the head coach, players, alumni, and many other activities.  When I presented the tickets to her I was hoping for a positive reaction.  The truth is that she was way more excited then I thought she would be.  This made me happy, and of course made her happy as well.

I will tell you trying to find another women as excited by the Eagles as much as she is, is a difficult task.  Lucky enough for her she had a friend that may love the Birds just as much as she does.  So on Sunday 21 May they headed out to experience a day with the Eagles.

When they arrived at the stadium they realized that they missed Coach Pederson’s opening remarks.  I received a sad face emoji but there was more to come.  The girls immediately when down to the field to experience running through some NFL drills.  they did hurdles, moved through tackling dummies and even had a chance to kick a field goal.  Although it wasn’t pretty, Nikki kicked one right through the uprights.

After they were done moving through drills they caught some of the player lip sync battle.  Nikki was also fortunate enough to run into a couple of players, Vinny Curry and Wendell Smallwood.  She was still dying to meet her favorite, Zach Ertz.  All in due time, honey all in due time.

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She walked around a bit a checked out the Eagles locker room, and sat through a defensive meeting.  The assistant coach ran through and broke down defensive concepts with the ladies.  My wife thought that this was a really cool and she learned a lot.  Once they got done there they decided to walk around a bit and just check things out.  They found themselves walking down the tunnel and there was Doug Pederson the head coach taking pics and singing autographs for people.  She began yelling Doug we love you, and was super pumped to meet Coach.  She got up there and faced time me, it was neat talking to the head coach of the Birds.  She got her pick and moved on.  Well she moved on after telling Coach to have a great season and that she loved him.  She loves everyone.

On their way the went, when all of a sudden like a great god floating down from the heavens Zach Ertz appeared.  Ok so he was standing there like a normal man but she gets excited and things take on a life of their own with her.  So this was it, the one she was waiting for she was going to meet her favorite player, unless B-Dawk showed then it would have been see you later Zachy Boy.  Dawkins is the Man.  She probably would have done the Wolverine roll right up to him.  Anyway back to Zach, she got so excited she said “honey I think I proposed to him, but I realized he was married,”  I am totally cool with it but he would have owed me a couple more season tickets.

If you have a wife that is into football I would highly suggest this event.  The cost is low and there are tons of things to do.  Below you will see the schedule they had.  It’s almost to much to do in one day.  This is cool because it spreads out the people and leaves plenty of chances to do what you love.  I can tell you that she said it was one of the coolest events she has ever done.