Relax It’s Sunday

This week ends with us celebrating Memorial Day Weekend.  This is a great weekend for fiends and family to get together and enjoy a day of freedom provided by those men and women who served in our Armed Forces and gave there lives for life and liberty.  Many will argue that this weekend isn’t about bbq’s and the beach, yet as a veteran I will tell you to celebrate this weekend how ever you want, the only thing we ask is that you take a quick moment to remember why this weekend is important.  Remember those who laid the path that we now get to walk.

Memorial day weekend is a great way for America to show how free it truly is.  I love this weekend and I love seeing people get together and anytime that can happen is truly special.  I can’t speak for everyone out there but enjoy it.  Go ahead and drink  some beers, swim, talk about the good old days before fidgit spinners and rompers.  Put the phone down and flip a couple of burgers,  play volleyball or go out on a boat celebrate with a tall glass of freedom.

This weekend we headed down to the beach down to the beach to hang out with some great people.  Saturday gave us a house party at Joey Z’s.  The best was that I ran into an FullSizeRender (2)old friend that I wouldn’t have expected to see.  The notorious Pat Williams, star running back from the University of Delaware.  It was one of those moments when someone walks through the door and your like “HOLY SHIT WHAT ARE DOING HERE.”  That kind of moment.  In the end I ended up time traveling and waking up in a bed that was not mine.  Well at least for a moment I thought I was at home, but I wasn’t.


Today we relax by going out on our buddies Boat and enjoying a day on the water.  We started the morning off with Bloody Mary’s and coffee from Wawa.  Brians house is full of family.  To tell you the truth they are all friends but for me everyone is family and the saying that friends are the family you choose couldn’t be more accurate.  The Funky White Boy and family are in the house as well.   My morning has now moved outside on the deck relaxing with my second Bloody Mary and working on this here blog you are reading.  It’s mornings like this that make you appreciate life, family relaxing, and not a care in the world.  Damn it feels good to be an American.

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