DOW (Drinks of the Week)

For DOW this week I bring to you Citra Mantra by Otter Creek Brewing and Lower De Boom by 21st Amendment Brewing.  I picked these based on the fact that I have never had them, and completely of the look of them.  They were both a little funky so I went with my gut.  I would also be surprised by my awesome neighbor Tim with a Megadeth Beer.  I am on a short weekend with a lot to do so I can’t sit and enjoy them to the fullest but I am still going to give them a run.

Citra Mantra

This is a India Style Pills Lager with a bit of citrus flavor in it.  I personally didn’t get much of that.  The taste didn’t blow me away in either the negative or positive.  It was just OK.  This one may actually sit in my fridge for a couple of days.  I may have to find out what this pairs well with.


Lower De Boom

This is actually a Barley Wine.  If you have never had a Barley Wine then you are missing out.  Also strap yourself in because if you have to many you might be able to see sounds.  This don’t sneak up on you, they teleport you to other worlds.  This is the type of drink that makes you fall asleep on the couch with your mouth wide open.  Don’t do that because people may try to use your mouth like a flesh basketball hoop and throw cheese balls in it.  NOT COOL!  As far as this one goes it was like drinking liquid heroin.  It lowered the boom on my taste buds.  I have have had other barleywines and they can be something of an aquired taste.  I would give it a try again, but this one is going to sit in my fridge for a while.


Megadeth is a Belgian Style Saison Ale, I know say no more right.  I was pleasantly surprised at this one.  It is good.  One I really like it because this style of beer is in my wheel house.  I wish I had more.  This beer is definitely going to end up in the fridge more often.  The only issue is that it isn’t always stocked, especially in those smaller liquor stores.  This one went down smoothly and made my mood that much better.


I will be going off the grid for the rest of the week but hopefully the multiverse allows me to slip back into this world to bring you a DOW next week.

If anyone has suggestions for Fathers Day I would greatly appreciate it.

See You in the Future – Thee Time Traveler