And So it Begins: UPDATE 7 APRIL 18

So I thought it would be proper to update this since the Sixers just beat the Cavs putting them at 49 Wins for the season.  Below is the article that I wrote at the beginning of the season.  The most glaring to stand out was that I though the Sixers would win between 45-50 games this season.  Now you’ll see that I thought Simmons would break the rookie record for triple doubles.  I may have been off a bit but 2nd most all time for a rookie is pretty damn good.  Also Embiid proved to be the most dominant force on the court.  I will say I screwed up a little by saying they would at least be a 7 seed.  My bad, I didn’t know they would be the 3 or 4 seed.  I can’t get em all right.  

The Sixers will start their season this year which officially ends the Process and now they can start winning games.  This team will be exciting to watch especially if JO JO,  Joel Embiid, can stay healthy and play 50 or more games.  With his ability and energy he can carry the team almost on his own but putting all that with Ben Simmons who is a near 7 foot point guard and you have something very special.  Ben Simmons may be able to record more triples doubles in his rookie season than Oscar Robertson’s 26 in his rookie season of 60-61.  Crazy, I know, but the guy is huge and loves going inside plus he passes the ball like a point guard.  His downfall is that he doesn’t have a consistent outside shot, but that won’t matter much when he is driving to the hoop against 6’2″ in guards.  Markelle Fultz is the unknown in this group.  It is going to take a few games for him to find his place in this offense.  The good thing is that the pressure is on JO JO and Ben Simmons, more Joel then Simmons.

Be ready for a fun season full of drama and action.  Embiid could quickly be the most popular player in the NBA with his outgoing personality and amazing ability.  This team will at a minimum be the 7 seed for the playoffs and coach Brown will finally be allowed to win some basketball games.  I feel bad for that guy because he put his career on hold for the process, and now he gets to finally show how good a coach he truly is.


The Sixers will win between 45 and 50 games this season

Ben Simmons wins Rookie of the Year

Ben Simmons breaks rookie record for triple doubles

Joel imposes his will on the entire league, and every one is confused out how a man his size can shoot from anywhere.

Brett Brown is vindicated as a really good coach and not a puppet.

OH yeah and the 2018-2019 Free Agents start looking at Philadelphia as a place to play and win.