Eagles vs. Falcons (Playoffs)

This is the game of games this weekend.  Nick Foles is being treated like a second-rate citizen and we have forgotten about everything that the Eagles have done up to this point.  Human nature is that we only remember the last thing that happened.  So the Defense is looking good, and Nick Foles and the offense is trash, or at least that’s what the National Media, and some local media, wants you to believe.  We completely dismissed Foles’s performance against the Giants as if he were playing the Delaware State Hornets.  Remember when we played the Giants the first time we won with a last second 61 yard bomb of a field goal.  The Giants games are always tough and you have to dismiss the records for those.  Oakland was on Christmas night and the game didn’t mean much outside of wrapping up the inevitable which was home filed advantage.  The coach himself admitted to calling a vanilla game plan for the final game of the year against that so called team from Texas.  I am angry at how we are acting, we have folded up shop and have taken our ball home and haven’t even played the game yet.  BULLSHIT I SAY, BULLSHIT!!!!!!

The Falcons are walking into a situation that can get out of hand really quickly.  The Eagles are not happy about how the Nation has turned it’s back on them, how the hell are they the under dogs in their own house.  FUCK!!  So disrespectful this has become.  The Eagles Defense will give the offense the opportunity to win the game.  The offense will only need to score about 21 points to win this game.  The Falcons will be slowed coming out of their dome.  10 of their 16 games this year have been inside a dome.  This plays a major role in their game plan and their approach becuase it slows them down tremendously.  For us it’s just another day in Philly.

Ajayi, Blount, and Clement are going to carry this offense this week.  The hope is that the 19714132-4182-486D-97B7-571851BB4276.JPGEagles stop running RPO plays.  Nick Foles is no threat to run.  Old school play action will be huge in this game.  You have to run the ball in order to have a good play action, and this will keep the defense honest.  Even if Carson Wentz was playing the Eagles would need to run the ball heavily in this game.  The Falcons defense is pretty damn good against the pass.  The Eagles must keep Matt Ryan from throwing all over the field, and keep it away from Julio Jones.  That dude is a monster.

The Eagles will be emotional and pumped to play.  Outside of Carson Wentz they are healthy and ready to rock.  The Birds are going to win this football game.  Final score will be 24 -17.  If the Falcons are lucky.  I smell a blow out coming just for being disrespected.