Eagles vs. Vikings (Conf. Champ)

Well, Well, Well look who is still in the playoffs.  Your damn right, the Philadelphia Eagles are.  We proved all experts wrong this past weekend by winning the un-winnable game.  This team is, was, and will continue to be more than one player.  Yes Carson Wentz is damn good, which makes the team even better when he is in there.  This team is also really good without him because of the talent and they are well coached, and embody the “Team Mentality.”  The game wasn’t very pretty but playoff football generally isn’t.  The teams match up well and will battle it out, just like this past game.  That means we are in for another tough battle this weekend when Minnesota comes to the City of Brotherly Love.

Lets get some statical edges out-of-the-way first.  The edge on offense goes to the Eagles.  They have had one of the best offenses all year, sure it has slowed a bit with Foles but he just has to be good enough right now.  The edge on defense goes to the Vikings, they are better against the pass then we have been.  Eagles (tied with the Pats) for Point differential this season also.  They averaged 28 points per game and only allowed 18 a game.  The turn over differential also goes into the Eagles favor.  Strength of schedule goes to the Vikings.  So what does all this mean, not a DAMN thing it’s the playoffs.

Sorry for the last out  burst, what it means is that you can expect an old school defensive battle with the team that makes the fewest mistakes to come out on top.  The Eagles have to protect the ball against this team.  The team that gets up first is going to try a slam the door shut on moving the football.  It will be a chess match all night.  If you are into 45-42 final scores then go watch the AFC because this game is going to be like two Rams fighting on a mountain side.  See now the picture comes into play.

I am a homer through and through so you know I am going to pick the EAGLES.  Listen to me when I say this though, it will not be easy.  The best thing is that the Vikings have to come outside.  10 of their 16 games have been indoors.  The temperature for the start of the game should be between 30-35 degrees.  Say what you want but that is a major factor.

The Eagles are going to the Super Bowl.  I said it.

Final Score 17 – 13 E.A.G.L.E.S          Go get your Dog Masks.