Sweet Water BBQ

Quick review of a small BBQ joint I ate at recently.   Sweet Water BBQ is a decent little bbq joint that has a select number of items to choose from.  The have wings, brisket, pork, Cajun Shrimp, and some fixin’s to go with it.  The food comes out on one of those plastic plates that you would find at a backyard BBQ.  The place is tucked away and pretty easy to miss.  You just have to drive by Uranus Fudge Factory and General Store to get there.  Yeah I’m not shitting you that is a real place.  Go ahead click the link.  No it’s not like blue waffle, don’t be a tool and just open the link.  

Eating there in mid January may have been a mistake and didn’t seem to help things either.  I think that this would be more desirable if it were summer time.  My order consisted of Brisket, which was a bit dry, potato wedges, Cajun shrimp, cole slaw, and a couple of wings provided by a friend.  I wasn’t blown away by it at all.  Actually it was just ok.  The best thing I had was their wings.  They were actually pretty good.  Decent in size and flavor.  Service wasn’t to bad but I am pretty sure that the lady that handed you your food just yelled the same name each time and it was up to the patrons to figure out if it was theirs or not.  So there was some entertainment I guess.

If your ever in Missouri near Saint Roberts head on over to Buffalo Wild Wings.  Just fuckin with ya.  Go check out Sweet Water and try it for yourself.