Frankie “The Freak” Paul vs Wing Bowl (Update)

The anticipation is building around the single greatest eating event ever, WING BOWL.  Frankie Paul sits and trains in and out of the ring.  He gets in the EAT LAB and works on his food game.  Shit, he ain’t eating chicken wing he eats Falcon wings that he caught with own bare hands.  He is what Rocky wanted to be. The Competitors are now coming out of the wood works, like this bum Pittsburgh Paulie, in an attempt to shake up THE FREAK.  Pittsburgh Paulie is the kinda guy who gets out of breath just driving.  Frankie Paul is cut from a different cloth, he doesn’t get worried, he OPERATES.  His following is beginning to grow.  The Massses are algning for one single Goal.  He has begun building his alliances with great showmen such as Moe Train.  Don’t be mistaken, The FREAK is coming for the Title. 

Yes the competitors are all out for one goal but when it comes time to messing with Philadelphia the whole stadium joins together.  Frankie Paul will put everything into this competition just to prove people wrong.  This is Philly’s event, this is Wing Bowl

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