Headed to the Dance

The Eagles have finally gotten back to the promise land and they were able to do it with a back up in Nick Foles.  What a game, the Eagles completely dominated what was the number 1 defense in the league.  The birds have taken on the persona of the underdog and love it.  No team has worked harder for it then this one.  It’s our time, it’s Philly’s time.  The Eagles are Finally headed back to the big Dance. 

1st Quarter Breakdown:  

The Vikings did a good job with their first possession.  They were able to catch the Eagles flat footed and throw an early touchdown pass.  The Eagles defense looked a bit confused and blew the coverage on the opening drive.  Once the Vikings got passed their scripted plays things began to shift.

Eagles first drive we saw them test the Vikings defense early with a huge pas down field that went incomplete to Torey Smith.  The Eagles drive ends with Trey Burton making a mental error with not getting his feet in bounds on an easy first down. The Eagles second offensive possession looked very different and disciplined.

KEY PLAY:   Big time Interception for a TD by Patrick Robinson ( A guy many thought was going to be cut in the pre-season) helped turn the tide.

After the Vikings first drive the tied shifted in favor of the Eagles.  Nick Foles started throwing darts to different receivers and the play calling was spot on.  You could feel the momentum begin to move.

Score at the end of the Quarter 7 – 7 

2nd Quarter Breakdown: 

The Eagles score early in the second with a mans run from Blount putting the Eagles up 14 – 7.  He simply busted through and made the defense look simple on a 11 yard run.  The play calling on the drive was excellent.   The Eagles defense begins to only get stronger as the game goes on.

Holy cow did the Eagles start to put it on the Vikings.  They were able to travel down field with under a minute left to kick a filed goal.  This was possible because Ertz was able to get behind the defense on the sideline and move down into Viking territory.  Eagles Elliot puts one through to put them up 24 – 7.

Key Play:   Sack fumble by Barnett to stop a good drive by the Vikings when they were in the red zone.

Key Play:  Corey Clement with a great play on 3rd and 6 to keep the drive alive by making a stiff arm and spin move on a DB to get the first.  Then with under two minutes left Foles dropped back and with a collapsing pocket he finds a way to break free and hit Alshon down field for a huge TD pass to go ahead 21 – 7.

Score at the end of the Quarter 24 – 7 

3rd Quarter:

The Eagles open up the third with a big drive just wearing out the Vikings defense.  Foles takes a huge shot on a 2nd and 7 but is able to complete a pass for a first down while taking a big hit.  The drive continue with the Eagles just picking up first down after first down and chewing up the clock.  Then a flea flicker from the 40, TD pass to T. Smith who makes an unreal catch for the TD.  After that the Eagles began to allow the Vikings to run the clock down on themselves.

The Eagles end the quarter by driving down field and just punishing the Vikings defense and getting inside the 5 yard line.   Earlier in the drive Foles rolled out under pressure and found Agholor down the sideline to pick up a bunch of yards and another first down. It was at this point the Eagles broke the Vikings Back.

Key Play: Duh the Flea Flicker. 

Key Play:  The fourth and goal stop for the Eagles D.  NICE TRY VIKINGS.

Score at the end of the Quarter 31 – 7

4th Quarter:

The Eagles finish off a drive that started in the third quarter with another TD pass from Foles to Jeffrey.  The Eagles just continue to destroy the Vikings and put this game away.  38 – 7, is an unreal score.   The Eagles continued to wear out the play clock and the season for the Vikings.

Key Play:  Interception by C. Graham late in the fourth to put basically put it away.

Final Score 38 – 7 

Summary:  The Eagles are headed to the Super Bowl.  This was by far the best game they played all season.  When they needed to be good at all phases of the game they were.  The defense dominated a pedestrian Vikings offense, and the Eagles Offense exploded on what was supposed to be the leagues best defense.  On to the Patriots!  Nick Foles will get all the love for his victory but that Eagles D was amazing.  THis was a total team effort.