Eagles vs. Patriots (Super Bowl)

Well the unthinkable  has happened and the Philadelphia Eagles have made it to the Super Bowl to face off against the New England Patriots.  The Eagles have defied all odds to make here.  They weren’t the fan favorite, they didn’t have the toughest schedule, they lost player after player including the franchise QB.  They got a back up that thought about retirement just a year prior.  Each playoff game they were doubted and made the underdogs event though they had the best record in the league.  Nick Foles was touted as a bum and wouldn’t win a playoff game.  Hell even the coach at one time was considered to be below average and unqualified.  With all of that the Eagles and their true fans stood there with their arms folded, that blue-collar stare, and calmly said F@#$ You with each passing victory.  On Feb 4th the Philadelphia Eagles and the City of Philadelphia will finally get what they truly deserve and that is the Lombardi Trophy.  

If you are going to believe in anything with this team it’s got to be the head coach and his staff.  They have done an amazing job at sticking to the plan, changing out player after player, and keeping the team focused on one goal and that is winning the Super Bowl.  They have embraced the underdog mentality, they have overcome all odds, and now they are poised to take it all.  Nick Foles is as comfortable as he can get inside the pocket, torching the best defense in the NFL for more than 350 yards and 3 TD’s.  The ball is spread out to everyone and anyone, the back field loaded with unselfish running backs.  The whole team focused and poised.

The Eagles are ready, the guns are locked and loaded.  The pressure will be constant, and fierce.  The way to beat Brady is to pressure Brady and take away his run game.  I know that’s what everyone says, and he still finds ways to win.  That statement couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Teams find ways to lose to Brady and the Patriots.  The Falcons gave that game away a year ago.  All they had to do was run out the clock.  But they out coached themselves.  The Jags had them beat, but once again a team out coached its self.  Belichick waits for these moments  jumps on them and makes teams pay for it.  His game plans are simple he sits and waits for you to make a mistake.  When you do he capitalizes on it.  Then you become nervous you begin to change your game plan.  Make no mistake when he see’s blood in the water it’s all but over.

The Eagles on the other hand don’t care, they are looking to break the backs of the Patriots, they aren’t looking to beat the Patriots but more looking to beat the World.  They want to beat all the doubters, the ones who said they couldn’t, the ones who said it can’t be done.  The Eagles are coming and there is nothing anyone can do about it.  They are going to get to Brady, they are going to destroy any type of running game, and when they get the lead they are only going to press down further on the necks of those who said they didn’t have it in them.  Just like the Vikings game when the Eagles got out in front, instead of sitting on a two touchdown lead they kept attacking, kept going down field.

The Eagles are going to walk away the Victors in this game.  It will start off slow with the teams feeling each other out.  I expect by the second quarter the Eagles will begin to pour it on.  They will punish the defense will an outstanding run game coupled with great play action passes.  They will frustrate them on third downs, they will punish them in every way.  The Eagles defense will take no prisoners in this battle, and Fletcher Cox will lead them on the attack.  Our Philadelphia Eagles will finally be Super Bowl Champions.!!!!!

Eagles 32 – 14.  CHAMPS