The weigh ins are complete and the kings of wings are off to their homes to get a nap in before the festivities begin.  The Freak made his appearance and took over the place like he usually does.  He will now head down to Route 2 Tavern to hand out some swag.  Tonight was an awesome display of competitors hanging out as well as some awesome people some hot women and of course the crew from Wing Bowl.  It’s never to late to get tickets to this event and see some of the coolest characters ever.  The Freak will be there to put on a show.  You can catch HisVault on the Freaks Float hanging with his entourage.  Stop by and grab a selfie.  

Tonight’s event at Chickie and Petes in South Philly was the kick off to the biggest party weekend the East Coast will ever see.  After Wing Bowl we get to see our Philadelphia Eagles take down the evil empire in the new England Patriots on Sunday.  This is by far one of the coolest weekends in recent memory.  Good luck to the Freak and every one else that is competing this year.  This will be one for the ages.

The Weigh In