So Friday Feb 2nd was the day, Wing Bowl finally arrived. The contestants through down the best they could. How did the Freak do you ask, well he was able to cash a thousand dollar check. So he didn’t win it all but did well for a rookie performance. Wing Bowl brings out the best of the best. Molly Schuyler killed it with more than 500 wings. She’s a beast.  Check out some of her finest work on YouTube.  Molly Schuyler

The event was action packed full of debauchery and lost dreams. The place smelled of excellence. The eaters came out in full force and didn’t disappoint. The wing Bowl continues to be the most amazing kick off to Super Bowl weekend that exists. The freak fared well, Eating just enough to be relevant and beating Pittsburgh Paulie who ate 1 whole wing, yeah 1 goddamn wing.  Way to to get it in home boy.

The Freak said it was a great experience and he is excited to have so many great people along the way.  He can’t wait to try it again next year.  The lead up and the day of was stressful, fun, and just damn awesome the whole way around.  Hats off to Wing Bowl and WIP for hosting the greatest event ever.

Check out some of the photos and videos below.  Thee Time Traveler may be putting his hat in the ring next year stay tuned.

The Freak


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