Relax It’s Sunday

With all do respect there is absolutely no way for me to FUCKING RELAX TODAY!!!!!!  The Eagles are in the Super Bowl, that’s right the Super Bowl.  Today will be filled with beers, food, and a million phone calls and texts.  Everyone will be on the edge of their seats during the game tonight.  I will spend the majority of my day wandering around waiting for the time to pass.  I have already been up since 4 this morning.  I know stupid right, but I drank a ton of beers last night and passed out early.  I apologize for nothing.  Oh and if you haven’t seen it Brian Dawkins got into the Hall of Fame.   

Last night was great, it was the first time in a month that I got to drink and relax with IMG_3631.JPGsome friends.  Being away for work sucks especially when it’s a month-long.  In true form someone decided to put a hole in one of my walls.  It never seems to fail that when we have people over something gets broke.  We have had a rocking chair broken, countless toys, and a toilet seat.  Yeah a toilet seat, how the fuck do you break one those.  No worries with all that I still can’t be brought down today because the EAGLES ARE IN THE SUPER BOWL!!!! I just had to get that in there again.

Looking forward to a good week as I get back to work.  Valentines day and the wifey’s birthday is coming up soon also.  I got a couple good ideas for her.

Oh and if you haven’t seen it Brian Dawkins got into the Hall of Fame.