DOW (Drinks of the Week)

You know, when you have to work the weekend it is difficult to dive into the drinks as much as you want.  Sure when I was in my early twenties and maybe 30 or 31 or last IMG_3637 (1)week I could drink a shit ton and still make it to work. (Remind me to tell you the time I slept in my car and worked the next day at the prison.  Jesus help me).   I don’t really know what happened to me but I know it takes like a fucking week to get back on my feet.  This weekend we enjoyed some bourbon ( Woodford Reserve ) some JD, and a new beer from Volunteer Brewing in Middletown Delaware.  Yes that is a Minnie Car in the background.  Lets not kid, Minnie is a bad bitch.  Back to the Beer.  This one is coming from my buddy JD who knows whose craft beers.  He picked me up crowler of the Belgian Blonde from Volunteer.

I have been dying to get over and try out Volunteer Brewing.  Basically there are a shed in a dudes back yard with some corn hole.  What the real experience with them is that they are a reflection of the community.  They are having a great time, they spread a good message and they just want local people to get together and have a great time.  That is the coolest part of the explosion of craft beer companies in Delaware and around the nation.  They usually are the reflection of the people in the town.  It is nice to have a local now and have a place that embraces what the town is about.  My hat is off to you Volunteer.  Oh by the way the Beer was great.

If you have the chance and you’re in Middletown Delaware swing in to Volunteer Brewing grab a crowler and enjoy.


Never Drink Alone – Thee Time Traveler