Brew’s, Grub, and Good Times: Local Craft Brewer’s are changing the Drinking Experience.

Over the last decade there has been an explosion of craft beer distillers opening up every where.  In Delaware it seems every other week a new one is popping up in a storage building, someones backyard, a warehouse, just about any ole place.  I personally couldn’t be more excited.  The best is that this has become a great form of entrepeneurship.  The combination of craft brewers and food trucks has changed the lanscape for hanging out and having a good time.  Craft beer distillers have an amazing impact on the local economy, plus they give locals a place they can call their own.  

Last year I spent a few days in Dublin and one of the coolest things was that everyone had their “local.”  This was the pub they could go to talk about their day, politics, what their spouse was driving them crazy about, or what ever else might be on their mind.  The U.S has struggled to provide that feel.  Sure each town has a bar but it doesn’t always encompass that unique feel that you get from the home-made beer guys.  These small shops generally have names themed from the town, or have catchy names that are connected to those who have started it.  The Beer names themselves are equally as awesome as well.

These liquid magicians have a shared relationship with local farmers to get key ingredients and then turning around and sending back the by-products from the brewing process, (Farm to Foam and Foam to Farm).  Many brewers will get a license to brew but not get a license to serve food.  Instead they get local food trucks to come by and sell some of those tasty products.  These trucks in most cases are just as intriguing as the brew houses themselves.  If it’s a nice summer day you can find a brew house open with live local music, local food trucks, and members of the community just having a great time playing ring toss, corn hole, or just bullshittin.

I hope that one day I may be able to start my very own small brew house but in the meantime I will spend my days enjoying the different flavors of our local brewers here in Delaware and from around the Nation.

Some of Delaware’s Finest: (Whose your Favorite)
3rd Wave Brewing Company                                                  Dew Point Brewing

16 Mile                                                                                         Dewey Beer Company

Argilla Brewing                                                                          Dog Fish Head

Bellfonte Brewing Company                                                    Iron Hill

Big Oyster Brewery                                                                    Midnight Oil

Blue Earl Brewing                                                                       Mispillion River Brewing

Brick Works                                                                                 Old Dominion

Crooked Hammock                                                                     Revelation Brewing


Twin Lakes


Not to mention but all the Guys and Gals cooking up the next best thing.

Craft Beer Club  (Monthly Beer Subscrition to try Craft Beers from around the Nation)

Drinking isn’t something you should do alone.  Grab a brew, grab some grub, and have a good time.