Relax It’s Sunday

Another week down and once again we had some fun.   We had a decent week of work, and had ourselves an amazing weekend.  I am pretty sure that I still have a football high from the birds winning the Super Bowl so it’s going to hard to bring me down.  I just got an excitement boner thinking about it again.  We will skip past Monday because nobody fucking likes Monday and we will move further into the week.  The wife has a new job interview coming up, we celebrated her birthday, there was valentines day, I got promoted last week, and we celebrated POP’s 89th Birthday, and I remain the coolest dude ever.  

This week the wife began interviewing for a new job.  She couldn’t be happier about the potential opportunity that lies ahead.  She had a phone interview and still needs to do the face to face but she is feeling confident about it.  I know she looks forward to the challenge of getting back to the work force.  I give her props for staying focused and staying strong through the process.  If anyone out there has either left a job, been fired, or attempted to find a new career knows that it can take some time to land something.  In today’s world you have to talk to recruiters, phone interviews, another phone interview, a face to face, closing dates, and then after all that you get a phone call to say you either got the job or didn’t.  It’s a crazy process.

Las weekend I got promoted.  I won’t spend much time on this only because I don’t like talking about myself.  It was a long time coming but it is still sweet to get.  Okay enough about that.

We had Valentines day this week.  I am not sure who this day is really for but we love to celebrate it all together.  This week we made and an amazing pasta dish with white

sauce, bacon, and tiger shrimp.  It was amazing.  Add the red wine and it was an awesome night with my ladies.  There is nothing like spending the night with my girls and making a beautiful homemade meal.

Friday night we celebrated the wife’s birthday, or as the weird ass yoga dude she folows on facebook said “Happy Precious Human Birth,” WTF hippie boy.   I won’t reveal her IMG_3717true age but she likes to tell people that she is still 27 years old (TRY 37).  For her birthday I made reservations at Chesapeake Inn for a nice dinner.  When I made the reservations I had some specific requests to make the night go smoothly.  I did it all online from the drinks we wanted, to the appetizer, to the main course.  The restaurant did an amazing job, and our server Kim had perfect timing on bringing everything out.  I couldn’t have been happier and the wife loved every bit of it.  If you are ever there get the Chilean Sea Bass, holy shit that is good.  After dinner we went down stairs and enjoyed drinks and music with some of our friends.  It was a great night.

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Saturday was an easy day we went to dinner to celebrate POP’s birthday.  This guy turned 89, yeah 89 years old.  He still drives, tells the dirtiest jokes, enjoys gin and tonic, IMG_3721and some of the coolest stories ever.  His stories range from playing baseball in the Military, to being an extra in a movie, to playing softball into his 80’s.  It’s one of the coolest things ever to see my kids get to hang out with their great grandparents.  Pop’s is a legend in his own right and may be truly the coolest guy ever.

We look forward to another great week coming up.  I have to work at the beach for a couple of days, head to a wedding on Friday and kill the weekend.  Lets fucking do this.